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tell us about your commander!
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Default tell us about your commander!

Shas'o cht'zi dua ryu ruo, a keen supporter of Commander Farsight has a custom built close combat "angle grinder". His head on nature once led to disaster, though, when he barged in on a chaos daemon summoning ritual just as it was in it's final stages, and much of his army was wiped out. :P What remains of it is supported by the disembodied remnants of an orphan army who lost their commander in a subsequent disaster. He has a personal intolerance for Imperial Guard and makes a sport out of smearing them with his fusion blaster, a favourite weapon. >
Come on, that terminator did not just survive a headshot from a railgun.

Originally Posted by Jedibean
Killing terminators with flamers is like trying to stop a charging elephant with a fly swatter.
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

My Commander is ShasOXenra

He like long walks in the park, puppies, and girls who dont ware too much makeup. He hates pickles and mean people. If youre looking for a non serious easy going date give him a call.
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Commander Shas'el Fal'shia [actually N'Dras :shifty:] Rey'ka is an outcast from both sides of the gulf. The Tau of the Empire hate him for his people's transgressions, and his homeworld of N'Dras hates him because of his impossible quest. His quest, as he has called it, is to seek out a way to redeem not only himself, and his loyal cadre, but the entire world of N'Dras in the eyes of the Empire.

To that end he has had his crisis suit customised to work in the most hazardous of locations and weapons designed to destroy the foe both from afar and from up close and personal. He tasks himself and his cadre with the most difficult assignments, taking the name of a lost cadre from Fal'shia. That the cadre was lost on N'Dras is worthy of note…
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

We have done the impossible... and that makes us mighty.
Firefly is pretty much made of Awesome, Funny, and Aww. Sometimes simultaneously. We'd better stop before we quote the entire script.
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Commander Shas'el Kai'Kaara is a relatively young leader in the Farsight Enclave, having only just passed his latest Trial and is somewhat lacking in experience, having only been in skirmishes against clusters of feral Ork. However, he makes it up with his idealism and versatility, mixed in with lots of nagging from his long-suffering companion Shas'vre Lynu'An over the airwaves providing comic relief after each hair-raising encounter.

Kai'Kaara relies on his heavily out-fitted 'Burning Eye' XV8 to surgically deal the hurt, alternating between taking pot shots and running towards a well-laid trap, or leaping in together with his brothers in a hail of super-heated plasma. He is a rare talent with the plasma rifle, being able to choose to fire his 2 arms separately, though his accuracy suffers in this stunt.

However, he has a bad habit of taking on many dangerous tasks himself, which Lynu'An in her 'Sunforge' would then make herself very clear over the intercoms as they return home, much to the chagrin of the commander and the mirth of his Tau brethren.

And that's the interesting thing; Kai'Kaara commands the respect of his brothers by action, and yet Lynu'An openly barks at him with impunity and without rebuke. Out of their suits, Lynu'An is seldom far from Kai'Kaara. Little wonder then, despite the two having practically grown up together, that there are rumors that the duo may be more than just comrades-in-arms.

Hail to the God-Emperor, Baby!

Originally Posted by Jedibean
Originally Posted by Khathecleric
My love runs her Sisters with melta, so it does get rather hot for my suits when she's around. :P
I just gotta comment that I LOVE all the inuendo in this statement right here... hehe
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Originally Posted by Watchdog
Originally Posted by GyrfalconXV25
Is that penetration only for vehicles?
What else would you like to penetrate?
Sisters of battle for starters.....
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Shas'O Ksi'm'yen (originally N'dras) Or'es'Shi; Commanding officer of the Ksi'm'yen Auxiliaries Scouts Cadre, is a veteran of many battles including the recent 3rd World Expension.

A strong believer in the idea of the Greater Good and First amongst Equal, his cadre is a rowdy mix of various aliens (Kroot, vespid, Terallian, Gue'vesa) who work very well with his Shas warriors. He also makes exptensive use of battlesuit, including some old xv-15. this small but effective force of suits and Auxiliaries, is often the vanguard of many battles.

His battle scared suit is a Fire knife/Helios hybrid design allowing him a greater flexibility in combat, then Either a Frie knife or a Helios suit would.

For the Greater Good!
For Ksi'm'yen and the 76th Moracre Light Armoured Guard

I Invite you to join my collective story and to add to it.

My ascension to GODHOOD
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Shas'o sa'cea kauyon't'guela (translates as "commander hunter of humans").

a slightly megalomaniacle commander, who has inexplicably lived for about 170 years. these days he commands a space station built on an asteroid.

unfortunately, the asteroid recently drifted into imperial space, and nobody seems particularly motivated to get it back. the commander because he get to kill a load of humans, the shas'ar'tol because it gets a nuisance of a commander out of the way, and the imperium because they dont know hes there. although 4 ship have dissapeared in the area recently...

the commanders battlesuit has a plasma rifle, flamer, shield generator and stims. also, it has 2 long blades attached to the undersides of its arms. this is because he once went missing in action with no ammo left, and had to fight his way through a few hundred elite guardsman (according to him) to get back. so first he bodged a couple of chunks of metal to his suit, before bludgeoning all those humans.

his hobbies are blowing stuff up, and painting himself green to take part in ork demolition derbys. he's even got a pimped out pihrana
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Commannder Shas'o guela' elan'y (translates to "commander, lone savior/helper of humans")

A great beliver in the idea of everyone all aiding in the greater good, makes use of several imperial guard regements during large apocaliptic battles. He enjoys landing near vehicles and obliterating them with his fusion blaster. Hunting elite terminators with a plasma riftle, before jetting away, is also on of his pastimes. He has stims and a sheild generator, along with his other weapons.

He loves large cities, especially jumping from large buildings and slautering heavly armoured infantry, alonside his trusted freind and bodyguard, wielding a combi plasma riftle flamer.

He used to have another bodyguard but unfortunantly he was forced to use his failsafe detonator when surrounded by the imperium's finest, the grey knights.

He enjoys getting around in his costomised orca dropship renamed a whale shark with a nose mounted ion cannon and adittional burst cannons.

"They shall be my finest Cannon Fodder, these men who give themselves to me. Like clay I will mold them and in the furnace of war they will become cracked and broken. They will be of tissue paper and whimpy muscle. In tissue paper armor I clad them and with the mightiest flashlights they will be armed. They will be touched by every sort of plauge or disease to help further make them unhappy, all sickness will blight them. They will have almost no tactics, strategies, but lots of machines so that they can atleast stand up to a foe in battle. They are my tar pit against the Terror. They are the bulk of Humanity. They are my Imperial Guard and they will know much fear!"

A fortress circumvented ceases to be an obstacle. A fortress destroyed ceases to be a threat. Do not forget the difference.
- Attributed to Leman Russ

My armies may sleep, but big guns never tire.

Surrender - or die.
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Commander Shas'o Cha'Saum is a commander who takes the fight to the enemy... whether it be with his armies preferred Helios pattern or his personal favourite AFP/PF combi. he's as skilled as he is reckless, willing to purposefully pump his body full of stimulants and test his thick Iridium Armour and Shield Generator to their very limits just so he can keep fighting for the greater good. Having been greviously wounded far beyond the limits of any normal Shas, he has never ritired from battle till its over.

He has gained much experience fighting Chaos and Necrons and has made a personal friendship with a catachan commander although neither will openly talk about it. He is a known Farsight symaphiser much to the dismay of his Cadres Ethereal, Aun'vre shi'va, and has on several occasions aided Farsight.

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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Shas'el X'pendab'l

Gets his XV8 from the lowest earth caste bidder, because his XV8s usually does not survive battles intact.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: tell us about your commander!

Shas'el Suam'por

A hardened guerilla fighter on the western fringe of the Empire, heavily engaged against chaos forces. Employs effective hit and run tactics, and uses an abundance of stealth teams, precision monat deep striking crisis suits and pirahna / pathfinder wings.

He keeps a close eye on his cadre, and will ensure he is the first to deploy, last to leave the field of battle. Ensuring minimal casualties are sustained by the Empires Shas'la.

He equips himself with an optimised profile battle suit, that has removed the sharp lines associated with earlier version XV-8, and an advanced anti-gravitic 'jet' pack for maximum stealth. His most common weapon setup combines the rapid, if 'somewhat unreliable', cyclic ion blaster, and attatched plasma rifle, he allways carries a combination shield/observation module so he may keep updated even in the thick of battle.

His last encounter saw him couragously engage Chaos elite forces commanded by two daemon princes, one of which was felled by stealth teams, the last he personally engaged in close combat deflecting blow after blow from the savage creatue, and even managing to rip holes in its carapace. He held up the Daemon for sufficient time for remaining tau forces to be evacuated, before himself deftly withdrawing leaving the wounded creature bellowing in rage.

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