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Shot Volume
Old 29 Jul 2008, 03:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Shot Volume

So, in anticipation for 5th edition, I have spent the last 4 months or so using Firewarrior and Kroot troops squads in varying amounts.

I have used them as my answer for zerg (IG/tyranid types) and I have felt that markerlights have elevated my FW squads to be a potential answer to MEQ units.

Toying with some radical changes to my army list for 5th edition... I am at a bit of an impasse.

This is not an army list, because that is not what I am here about, but for a general idea, numbers are not specific yet:

2x HQ = PR/FB
2x 2 Crisis = Burning eye
1x 3 Crisis = Deathrain
3x 1 Broadside
2x 5 Pathfinders
2x 6 Firewarriors
2x 1 Devilfish, MT, SMS, TA, DL, DP, Seeker Missiles (From pathfinder groups)
1x 11 kroot+6 kroothounds

That's the general guideline I have made for my army. What I am struggling with, is the number of shots.

I don't want to expand the troop portion of my army, if I did, I would post this under the army list section and ask people to tweak it.

I want to know, how do you guys deal with volume of shots? Right now, my answer is Devilfish with SMS and TA. Two devilfish with 7 str 5 shots apiece at BS 4 and their associated FW groups/markerlights make me feel ok... But I'd like to get 3-4 extra Burst canons in my group... 9-15 burst canon shots extra would be nice.

The above group ends up at around 1,500 pts with TA and such.

How do you guys handle some Tyranid and IG troops marching in on you?

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Old 29 Jul 2008, 06:08   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Shot Volume

I haven't played a lot so you can take or leave this. ;D

I would suggest replacing one of your broadsides with a railhead. It still has the solidshot for taking on the carnifexes/hivetyrants/IG vehicles but it also has the submunitions option which can destroy a horde army. The only problem is that a railhead costs a little over twice as much as a broadside.
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Old 29 Jul 2008, 10:33   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shot Volume

Keep the Braodsides....
Against Horde then SMS and a tagetting array can stillinflict fearsome damage and in the cover heavy days of 5th then its invaluable as no line of sigt needed.

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Old 29 Jul 2008, 13:05   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shot Volume

I would say it's up to personal preferrance. I would take a Hammerhead and replace the broadsides, but that's just me. I like the fact that a hammerhead can still move 12" and fire it's railgun and it has the versatility to be anti-horde or anti-tank. I love hammerheads to death and I rarely go to the tabletop without at least one. It's also a little better if you're trying to outrun swarms. Broadsides however have the advantage of being able to deal with carnifexes and hive tyrants fairly easily, as well as imperial guard tanks. You just want to make sure that you put them in a good peice of terrain with lots of line of sight.

My suggestion would be to make sure that you're marking targets and coordinating fire in the most efficient manner at all times. Just make sure that you're considering your targets before you unleash on them. You dont have a whole lot of shooting but it can be very effective against guards and 'nids.

Again, my personal preference would be to take a Hammerhead. But frankly, I think you'll do just fine... Good luck sir. ;D
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Default Re: Shot Volume

You are looking for volume of shots? I think that is a good idea as well. Might I suggest swapping one of the crisis teams for a stealth team. They are cheaper, with circumstantially more resilient unit and still get that 'volume of fire' needed to combat the ubiquitous cover saves in this edition (and horde armor I suppose). As for heavy support, it could go either way. Although you explicitly said no more troops, I would tend to try and fit in some more, just in case those objectives are not vacant due to the abundance of your enemies' troops. Good luck Gopesh
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Old 29 Jul 2008, 15:28   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shot Volume

i use a hammerhead, the large blast thins out hords really well, and the solid shot helps with the big guys... but if you want to keep the broadsides why not make one team of 2, and then have a free slot? because with the big stuff, you cant instant kill it (synapse) and it has multiple wounds, with the IG tanks better safe than sorry, also a stealth team will help a lot, and i would say get another fire warrior squad if you can...
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Default Re: Shot Volume

Originally Posted by Gopesh

I want to know, how do you guys deal with volume of shots? Right now, my answer is Devilfish with SMS and TA. Two devilfish with 7 str 5 shots apiece at BS 4 and their associated FW groups/markerlights make me feel ok... But I'd like to get 3-4 extra Burst canons in my group... 9-15 burst canon shots extra would be nice.
It's only going to be 7 shot if they do not move, otherwise it's going to be 3 or 4 shots in 5th ed, due to the new rule about defensive weapon...but still very good.
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Default Re: Shot Volume

I'd recommend the Hammer head as well. I'd do this because you can put two burst cannons on it and unleash your Sub shot? you've got chances to potentially fire at 3 different units and put a ton of models in danger. If ic can do it I like to run two Hammerheads with a group of broadsides one with a TL. It normally brings all the hurt I'm looking for.

Also, Stealth Suits. I can't tell you how many deamon princes My Stealth Unit has dropped with those 18 str 5 ap 5 rounds.

for 180 pts those fellas are awesome.
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Default Re: Shot Volume

Ok, stealths and snipers. I like the snipers at 80 points for three nice anti heavy shots. I like the stealths with bursts for laying it down vs. a mob. Both can take absorb the incoming fire a little due to stealth fields and cover saves.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Shot Volume

I like Hammerheads over broadside. They are simply too flexible to pass up on. 12" move and shoot, Anit-vehicle/anti-infantry as needed, and four 24" no LOS Str 5 AP5 SMS shots. I always field two, three if I choose not to take a skyray.

There are better options for carnifex and Leman Russ hunting. Fusion Blaster equipped pirahana, and deep striking deathrain and helios are far better than broadsides.They are also more useful late in the game when most of the heavy stuff is killed.

I don't really consider the Tau a shot volume army. That would be imperials. I think of Tau is a markmanship/mobility army. Where as IG will shoot 20 guns at something to hit twice. Tau will use marke lights to ensure everyone hits.
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