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SMS more popular on Devilfish now?
Old 28 Jul 2008, 19:35   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default SMS more popular on Devilfish now?

I am trying to consistently run 3 squads of FW on 3 devilfish.

In my first anniahalation game, I ran into the problem that gun drone units that disembark a devilfish are now a fairly easy to kill, 2 model unit worth 1 victory point.

I am not sure what to think of this. By the rules, this seems to be the case. They are an independent unit. Yes, they are a non-scoring unit, but that has nothinng to do with anniahlation.

So, me personally, I am going to try to equip my devilfish with: TA + SMS.

By the rules, an SMS only allows a cover save if the target is in or touching cover. That means a SMS can shoot over terrain and hit people, not giving them a cover save... that's not really a big deal, but its nice.

So that's 7 str 4 shots at BS 4... but you lose awesome 2 model gun drone squads that prevent people from charging your units and vehicles...

Any thoughts?
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Default Re: SMS more popular on Devilfish now?

I love my SMS, brilliant.
Drones are good, but better on a piranha where you can dump them behind enemy lines ;D

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Default Re: SMS more popular on Devilfish now?

I thought SMS was Str5 AP5 heavy 4? Don't have the book on me...
That would be 12 shots from 3 fish w/ no LoS needed. Interesting... I personally run small units of FW in fish because well, the troops are fairly useless unless backed up by Markerlight or multiple other units, but never considered putting SMS on the fish since they simply act as steal coffins for the troops.
I guess you just have to weigh the additional 60pts it will cost you to run SMS on your fish against what else you could run for those points.
Judging by the explanation of your transports they will run you 110pts, if you have SMS+TA+DP, that makes 330pts of your army is used for transports.
Also, consider putting SMS on your Pathfinders as well, then the devilfish for them could be used to lay down some fire shortly after delivering its precious payload.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: SMS more popular on Devilfish now?

Right, I am typing on a laptop so that str 4 is a miss-type.

I have played about a half dozen games with 5th so far, and I find my transports not dying... I also find giving my opponent a 'free' victory point from 2 man gun drone squads annoying.

A devilfish with SMS, TA, MT, DP, DL is going to run you 105 points.

The problem, is with 5th edition, our tanks are gimped by their str 5 shots. With MT you can move 6" and fire all weapons, but that still isn't very impressive.

But 7 str 5 shots at BS 4 on a strong weapons platform seems appealing when you are talking about traditional zerg armies (tyranids, IG, etc).

For the 3 setup options:

Pitched Battle - You can start 24 inches apart, meaning 6" of movement is not horrible and you could be deploying FW's, choking up paths, and bunkering down on potential objectives in the first turn.

Spearhead - Same as above

Dawn of War - Devilfish transport can be safely deployed before the first turn, is surviveable, and can target things with SMS ignoring the night fighting rules on the first turn.

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