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A Tau Distance Graph study
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Default A Tau Distance Graph study

You know what those guys with the sliderules and pocket protectors say: "Graphs can show you things". So, here goes a study in Distance Graphing- studying some Tau units, and how far they can do things- how far they can shoot if the move, if they dont, how far they can move, or assault, etc. Most importantly, it shows how the differing units mesh together in ways you may have never have realized before [the point of graphs].

There are some intereasting equalities to notice, so here goes the graph:

So, looking at the familiar Firewarrior [in blue], you can probably figure out already what the bars mean: Thicker bars are moving distances, thin lines are gun ranges. Combined shows how far guns can reach with move and shooting, etc. The first line for the firewarrior shows how far things reach if they move their max, and shoot what they can- in this case a double rapid fire shot. The next line shows the lovely stand and shoot options- and how far things reach (rapid fire is the second parallel line). Lastly, the last column shows the variable of how far they may go if they opt to run. All told, its obvious that Tau Firewarriors do best and reach farthest if they focus on shooting- whether standing and shooting, or moving and RapidFiring

Next is the Kroot, and their rather respectable abilities, even when compared to the Firewarriors. Their effective shooting range is 18-24".. which, if you notice, is a common theme among the units, no matter who they are! What is notable is how slow they seem to be- all told. But at least they ignore forest/jungle difficult terrain.

Next comes the annoying and humble little Gun Drone who- if you notice, oddly has the same effective gun reaches as the Kroot and other units have! This is mostly due to their jetpack and assault weapons- they have to move a bit to get the same effective range, but that's no problem for those little death Frisbees, isn't it? The point is: the range brackets are the same! The second line for the drones shows their stand and shoot, then move in the assault phase, in case you were wondering.

Next comes the much maligned Vespid, whose -if you noticed- weapons are the same effective range! Hmm how odd that most think that the Vespids gun is too short ranged... when in fact they can shoot at the very same things kroot and drones can.. sorta like the team was meant to advance as a group.. dont you think by now? The other line for the Vespid is the suprising move distances, if the simply move, fleet, and assault something They can, with a good fleet roll, assault something at the range everyone elses guns reach! Once that realization is cemented, then choreographed units can act in concert more effectively, now that you see that the ranges complement each other.

Last, is the Elite Stealth Suits- with Burst Cannons. Once again, whether moving or not, you see how reach similarities still match up.


So, what is the point of all of this? I know that these are abstract measurements, assuming that everyone is the exact same range from a target, and that the battle is played on a smooth and empty pool table. Well, that's not really the point of these measurements. The point is that, by looking at the graph, you may catch a glimmer of how to coordinate drones with kroot, firewarriors with stealths, Vespid with.. anything!

Thats the point- assurance that yes, the guns all reach the same range, and that if you are placed to support each other, their weapons and ranges do in fact complement each other- some move, some stay static to do so, so it is a bit complicated and abstract and hard to visualize as a whole.. thus; the graph!

I hope that merely presenting this information has opened a few eyes on how to coordinate multiple Tau units a bit better as one cohesive whole- with a purpose and design that maybe you never saw as a whole before.

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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Cool, that is pretty awsome man. how do I give you Karma?
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Originally Posted by Valten
Cool, that is pretty awsome man. how do I give you Karma?
You can't, only a mod can. You can use the "flag for mods" button to let a mod know that it's worth karma, though.

This seems fairly interesting, but... it's all pretty "meh" for me. I only use Fire Warriors out of those things anyway. The most interesting part was where you mention playing 40k on a pool table, and I think that'd be a wicked idea.

Sorry. I was just really replying to tell Valten about karma
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Brilliant stuff, although you forgot to mention that the second lines were for assaulting (assaulting or jumping forward in the Drone's & Stealth's cases) :P.

Strange, but I never thought of rapid-firing as 18" or Drones & Vespid as 24". Will have to remember that... :shifty:
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Some drones go much further if you decide to use vehicle representatives as well...

Honestly, though the thought was nice...Most players should be aware of these ranges already. It's not hard to figure out really.

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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

That's pretty cool ;D
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Cool, I've used similar graphs when designing armies in the past to see what range gaps I need to fill.
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

I've always kinda noticed that, and its the basis of my army as i align my units into groups that complement each other in skills.

but the graph gives a nice visual description that reinforces the fact that you can use unit X to complement the fire abilities of Unit Y. i.e. the maneuverability of the Vespid, with their high powered weaponry added to the maneuverability of the Stealth suit and its high numbers of shots. used together they can fight off any foe.
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Yup! That was the point of the graph. While it may seem obvious to say that "well, Duh! the kroots gun is 24"!" The vaguery that yet remains is that this chart may nudge you to better realize that in complex tactical situations, your rapid fire guns arent really limited to 12"- they in fact can reach out to 18" with the move. And there may be plenty of situations where you could have moved that firewarrior team to pour even more firepower into a target- yet simply forgot or had that detail lost in the clutter of placing and moving the army around- when you already knew that those disparate units were the same distance from the target.

So, with this side by side comparison, you can see that kroot and gundrones can start at the same distance from the target, and can shoot at the same target in a combined attack- something that may not be so obvious by looking at the Gun ranges themselves.

For example, it doesnt seem like Firewarriors and Vespid side by side can 1-2-3 punch a target thats 18" away.. where the 1 is the firewarriors advanced and rapidfired, 2 is the Vespid advance and neutron blasted, and 3 the vespid assault in and clean up any leftovers.... it doesnt seem immediately obvious that the move and gun ranges complement each other directly in this way... until you eye the blue and purple parts of the graph, or something else like it.

And yeah, if you DID figure and puzzle that all out in your head without benefit of a graph, then you certainly dont need a graph like this!
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Default Re: A Tau Distance Graph study

Looks pretty cool and a neat idea but does this violate copyright?
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