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Is this so-so tradeoff now looking better in 5th?
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Default Is this so-so tradeoff now looking better in 5th?

It was an old discussion- talking about how expensive Marker Drones are...and one day I sat down and did a hard look at it, and summarized it roughly like this:

12 Firewarriors with a shas'Ui [with a markerlight and HWTL] cost 147 points.

1 Markerdrone can be thought of as equal to 3 Firewarriors

If you are going to have a markerlight support squad- is 12 models of meatshields really necessary?

SO, 12 Firewarriors with a ML = 147 points- and = a big clumsy unit- that isn't going to move when you are markerlighting stuff anyways.

9 Firewarriors with a ML, and a Marker Drone = 147 points- same price, sorta equitable tradeoff. Now you have 9 guns, and 2 markerlights [1 of them networked- and useable by the Firewarrior squad itself now!] that can target 2 separate units- for the same price as 12 guns. This makes a good multi role squad- decent numbers for firepower purposes, and heavier than normal markerlight support, even some self markerlight support.

Finally, theres the dedicated markerlight squad- that everyone can typically agree upon:
6 Firewarrior Team, 'Ui with ML+TL, + 2 Markerdrones.

Price? Yup! same price as a 12 man plain jane squad!

So, ultimately the question is: if you built your army with several 12 man Firewarrior teams, and are already maxed out on points... well, you can still trade in a few Firewarriors for markerlight numbers- and not loose any points from anywhere else!

So now, in 5th edition, with Markerlight benefits being even better that before [to summarize: Markerlights ignore cover saves, and can see through area terrain now- and now Plasma Rifles and Missile Pods can see through area terrain as well, and multiple markerlight hits can boost its BS, AND negate the cover save- meaning that they can, if properly Markerlight supported, shoot much more and far more often than ever before!]- does this tradeoff seem any more appealing than it did in 4th edition??
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Default Re: Is this so-so tradeoff now looking better in 5th?

I'm gonna leave the marker drones at home honestly. I'd rather have more marker lights. Pathfinder marker lights are MUCH more efficient than marker drones.
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