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Tau 5th mini batrep (and musings)
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Default Tau 5th mini batrep (and musings)

So last night I played my first official game of 5th edition (I had played the broken alliance and a mega battle before) and to be honest it was a lot of fun.
At 1.5k my list looked like
-Shas el'--fireknife config, shield gen, and positional relay

-2 Deathrain suits--1 gun drone, 1 BSF (to spread wounds around)

-5 Stealth suits

-12xFW-Devilfish--dpods and multitracker
-12xFW Teamleader--Marker light--target lock---unit photon grenades

-6xpathfinders--Devilfish with dpods and multitracker

-2x Broadsides--1 targeting array, 1 shield drone

-Hammerhead--rail gun, dpods, multitracker, gun drones

His vanilla SM list was close to

-5 termies lead by captain (or w/e the generic HQ choice for marines is)
-5 termies lead by chaplain

-10 man tac squad
-10 man tac squad
-Dred with assault cannon and powerfist
-medium sized bike squad w/ attack bike

Anyway we ended up playing the capture and hold game (1 objective in each deployment zone each) with a pitched deployment. He got the first turn and deployed one tac squad next to his objective, his bikes behind a wood, his other tac squad opposite my objective, his walker supporting that tac squad and he was deep striking his termies. I deployed my super FW unit with my objective, my broad sides and deathrains back deep in my deployment zone opposite his tac squad and dred, my other 2 FW spread out in the center and opposite his objective in their fish or ready to mount the pathfinder ones, pathfinders in cover and hammerhead away from his attack bike with multimelta, 1 kroot unit infiltrated into a wood midfield, and I kept my stealth suits and other kroot unit in reserve.

Turn 1

He advanced with everything besides his one tac squad guarding his objective. Multi-melta attack bike shoots my one devilfish: hits, penetrates, and bounces off my d-pod cover save .

I mount up my FW unit in the pathfinder fish'. I actually move both devilfish back deeper in my deployment zone away all of his units. Most of my suits hang back. Gun drones drop out of their respective tanks. I mark up his walker with pathfinders. Hammerhead immobilizes it, and then blowing the marketlights to reduce the obscured cover save of the dred from my broadsides the broadsides rip off of it's assault cannon making it basically useless (heavy flamer...meh). I then kill a bike to missile pods and a tac marine to pulse fire.

Turn 2

His termies all drop in close to my objective with neither unit scattering at all. Everything else advances besides his one defensive tac squad. His termies rip into my expensive, unmounted defensive FW unit and make them fall back off the table edge. His tac marines fire some shots into my forest kroot and kill one after their 3+ cover save . Bikes fire on my deathrains. The gun drone eats the melta shot and a few bolt shots, the suits themselves take 1 wound.

Positional Relay for my stealthsuits...rolled a 1. My devilfish both basically just maneuvered away knowing the important scoring cargo they represented. Not too much else movement. Marker lights, smart missiles, missile pods, and plasma rifles rip into the bikers killing all but the power weapon sgt. and the multi-melta attack bike. I dropped a pieplate on the termie unit from my hammerhead and managed to kill one. Kroot fire on his advancing tac squad but don't really deal any damage (was a forest with lots of trees so not all kroot could see the marines).

Turn 3

He starts advancing his termies and characters away from the objective towards my kroot and my pathfinders. His multimelta kills my commander who failed his invo save. (Makes me sympathize with eldar players who get their characters instant-deathed all the time) Termies bring storm bolters and assault cannons down on my kroot and pathfinders. Kroot end up falling back towards the termies who just shot them :-X and pathfinder still lose 3 in their number even after going to the ground and getting a 3+ coversave. Termies assault fleeing kroot, who rally, strike first in cover with like 12 attacks and kill a termie! They then get wiped out by the rest of the unit and the captain.

Reserve rolls for outflanking kroot and deep striking stealths. Roll and 1 and a 2...neither come in yet. Start moving my one fish towards his objective. Keep the other fish in my deployment zone to capture back my own objective. Hammerhead stays in middle of the battlefield ready to drop pieplates or single "likely-to-miss" shots on his termies. Deathrains start advancing towards his objective with the fish. 12 missiles (smart and pods together) only put a wound on the attack bike. Hammerhead pieplates the termies and kills none. A relatively poor turn for the Tau ???.

Turn 4

His termies, characters (8 models in total) and what is now now half a tac squad (from previous kroot shooting, burst cannons, and detached gun drone shots) advance towards my undefended objective. He kills a few gun drones with shooting. His bikes then charge my broadsides. The power weapon misses twice and then fails to wound. I pass 2 regular saves. Broadsides hit back and smash the sgt. into the ground T(5) bike and all. The multimelta guy breaks at his modified leadership and then gets a failed sweeping advance to the broadsides who then promptly consolidate 5 inches towards my objective and into firing lanes on the termies.

Finally my reserves all show up. Stealths come in perfectly thanks to the reroll by the pathfinder fish. Kroot come in on the edge closest to his objective. Devilfish advances with FW towards his objective, too far for any kind of fish o' fury. Other fish in my deployment zone hangs out for one more turn. Death rains advance towards his objective. A total of 6 burst cannons, a submunition round and 4 missile pods take out a mighty 3 tac marines guarding his objective. My broadsides take a few obscured shots on his termies who pass 1 and fail 1 coversave. Before the shooting phase ends he takes a 25% check on his defending tac marines and fail! And then run 9 inches off the board edge! Leaving a hammerhead, a fish full of FW, 5 stealth suits and some distant kroot free to take his objective (well the FWs anyway). Worse case scenario at this point is a draw.

Turn 5

He basically just advances towards the objective more and screens his tac squad with his 2 termie squads. Takes a few assault cannon shots on my fish but they mostly bounce off.

Little movement for me because our objectives were so far away even running and jumping with my stealth suits wouldn't get them in BC range by turn 7. My 1 fish dumps out their FW all over his objective. Hammerhead tries to advance back to my objective. Other fish with FW back in my deployment zone set up a fish of fury on his termies right next to my objective (couldn't get close enough to the tac squad to fire on them). 2 pathfinder fire 2 lights on the termies and get one hit. I use the counter to up the BS of the FW to 4 and rip into the termies. Guess how many termies died from 24 BS4 S5 shots. Zero. I decide that if another turn is played then that squad is in deep trouble, so I decide to run my broadsides towards the objective.

Dice roll ended the game on Turn 5. Leaving 1 objective to the Tau and 1 contested. Hurray for the Tau .

Anyway game and then 5th edition musings.

-Lots of durable troops are important for taking objectives. Your troops really don't need to and shouldn't be killing much. They should be staying alive and ready to pounce on objectives on turn 4 and 5.

-Mobility is also very important. Being able to turbo boost or move flatout to hold or contest an objective is crucial to being able to win the objective based missions. And almost no list should be with out mounted troops. I am honestly jealous of eldar jetbakes for all that mobility and durability they back into a 22 pt model. For my list next time, I would consider adding a piranha just to contest objectives on turn 5 ect. If I happen to unfortunately play an annihilation mission I would simply put my piranha in the corner of the board in some piece of terrain and let it sit there all game as to not give up a kill point.

-Setting up your objective is a really difficult, heads up decision you need to make. You have to be aware of your opponents codex and basically know exactly what units he could and might outflank with. Playing against another Tau player I would set up my objective in the middle of the table, expecting kroot and stealths ect to try to outflank right onto my objective. On the other hand if you were playing orcs you might want to set up your objective in the corner so your opponent couldn't mop up your objective with 2 massive mobs of boys. Also, how deep you place your objective in your deployment zone is an interesting decision you have to make, especially for us Tau. If you deploy it deep then all it takes is 3 (or less depending on how you run your FW squads) casualties to take a leadership check fail and then run 3 or 4 inches off the board edge. However, if you place it further up you are closer to your opponents CC units but you do have room to fall back and maneuver.

-As far as Tau specific stuff is concerned I just have a few thoughts for next time.
--I would consider running 8 or even 6 man FW squads in my devilfish. These guys don't need to kill, they just need to take objectives ect. In my list this would free up 120pts for another defensive FW squad or even a skyray.
--Kroot are amazing, forest or not. Although next time I probably wouldn't even try to outflank with them. Just infiltrate them as close to any objective as possible and let them go to the ground every turn until you decide to start running with them in the 4th or 5th turn.
--Right now I feel broadsides are better then hammerheads. Hammerheads were great before where they could kill stuff and then run around taking objectives where your broadsides wouldn't capture objectives. Now your troops should be capturing objectives and your piranha and running crisis suits should be contesting objectives. While submunition rounds are amazing against certain armies I feel like Broadsides (targeting array, shield drone for 2, add in a target lock for units of 3) with their smart missiles are almost as great at killing infantry trying to capture your objectives. Their railgun shots are a lot more accurate and with new LOS you can target stuff with more ease. Also with the wound allocation rules your broadsides are likely more durable then your d-pod hammerhead.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading such a long post of what I have discovered so far about 5th edition and Tau.

O and I hate annihilation missions
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Default Re: Tau 5th mini batrep (and musings)

how does one get fireknife with shieldgen AND relay?

don't all of those take hardpoints?
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Default Re: Tau 5th mini batrep (and musings)

no wonder you had so much fun you cheater, haha.
Also, I'm wondering did you mean you gave each broadside a shield drone and a TA or did you give one a TA and one a shield drone?

I was just kididng on the cheating thing
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Default Re: Tau 5th mini batrep (and musings)

finally read the entire rep.

Was a good scrap.

At first, when I saw your composition and his composition, I was convinced that you did not have adequate guns to deal with them. As it turned out I guess you didn't need to.

good call on the troop thing. next time, I'll try loading my fish with just the min squad as an "incase" objective grabbing piece
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