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HH Rocks
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Kroot Shaper
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Default HH Rocks

i just had my first battle with a HH (and a skimmer) and they ROCK! they never killed it, my opponents never even hurt it. I was flying everywhere and leaving up 2 7 IG dead because of my sub shot.

What do you think of the HH?
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Default Re: HH Rocks

i don't have one :'( but i'm sure its good
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Default Re: HH Rocks

its the best thing in the tau list. Never leave home with less than 3! 2 railguns, one ion cannon, twin bursts, multi trackers, target locks and decoy launchers and you're running with one of the best tanks in the 40k game.
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Default Re: HH Rocks

i like 'em but have terrible luck with them.

unfortunately thanks to the railgun they carry they tend to be bullet magnets. In all honesty, i prefer crisis suits, though there's nothing like a railgun for taking out armour
Originally Posted by Wood Gecko (Diplodactylus Vittatus)
aw... he's so cute... wha?... a gun?....nice kitty.... nice kitty.... BOOM!
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Default Re: HH Rocks

Originally Posted by Deadnight
its the best thing in the tau list.
Amen Brother
Originally Posted by Mael
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Default Re: HH Rocks

Hammerheads are overhyped. Yes, they can be very powerful, but they are best used as terror-weapons, zipping around to keep the enemy on the backfoot and his heavy weapons pointed firmy at your front armour.

In the last battle I fought, two Hammerheads (one Railhead, one Ionhead) both with Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers and Multitrackers, managed to draw 90% of the AT guns on the field, sparing my Broadsides (who were doing more damage...). My opponent feared the Hammerheads so much he was desperate to kill them, and by keeping my front armour pointed at his guns, he failed to shoot them down (though the Ionhead was badly crippled).

You are bound to draw fire with them, so use that and you'll be fine.
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Default Re: HH Rocks

Agreed. Although by being the bullet magnet that they are they open up endless tactical possibilities, mostly being that your opponent is scared of their potential moreso than what they might actually be doing at the moment. For example, just having a HH behind some terrain but with an open area to move into might prove to change your opponents mind from moving into LOS of that area. Amazing tank :!
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Default Re: HH Rocks

Yeah, it makes a good stationary weapon at times, i've seen it used to cover a large opening between cover and shoot rounds at anything that even dared to step nearby. Another annoying problem i've had when facing Hammerheads is how they can boost foreward 12" and fire their main weapon, one of the most powerful weapons in the game if not for the simple fact you can move so fast while using it. These things have destroyed many of my hidden Whirlwinds, the only problem I see with them is that it still can't go toe to toe with my land raider, which everyone seems to think it can.

Word of advice DO NOT use the hammerhead to fight a Land Raider, if you don't blow it up right away your tank will die from it.

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Default Re: HH Rocks

If there is backup for the hammerhead, i.e. a broadside or another hammerhead, then it's not a bad idea to try and pop the raider. On the other hand, going one on one with an AV14 vehicle is a tad risky.
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Default Re: HH Rocks

Hammerheads are insanely good. Look at all the other armies and their assortment of heavy weapons or vehicles. Tau have a single battle tank. It's tricked out for a reason. That thing has really, really good armor for it's size and speed. It's got awesome weaponry and secondary weaponry and of course, this is furthered by the awesome gear our vehicles can receive (notice our vehicles have more wargear than non-vehicular models?).

Non-scattering pie-plates? Check!
Ion Canons? Check!
Highest strength possible? Check!
Fast? Check!
Durable? Check!
Doesn't break the bank? Check!

Sign me up.

Hammerheads are just simply too good really...
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