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skimmer ability
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Default skimmer ability

is there any plus side the skimmer ability of the tau devilfish and hammerhead? cause i think that once it is immmobilized it falls to the ground a is destroyed, is that right?
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Default Re: skimmer ability

Thats why we buy Decoy Launchers

A Hammerhead with a Railgun and Multitracker/Decoy Launchers can move 12 inches and still fire ! Pretty damn good. This means it'll only be glanced and when it gets immobolixzed you can re-roll, hopefully saving the Hmamerhead.
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Default Re: skimmer ability

Originally Posted by necrontauman
is there any plus side the skimmer ability of the tau devilfish and hammerhead?* cause i think that once it is immmobilized it falls to the ground a is destroyed, is that right?
Lots of pluses to it. Move over 6", and no one can claim penetrating hits - glancings only, even if its a str50 gun. Which is a great thing!
Next, tau have the upgrades to make skimmers work great. Being able to move 12" and fire everytihng with the multi tracker being the main one.
And its half-true that an immobilisation kills a skimmer. If it stays stock still and gets immobilised it flunks to the ground, and thats it. Over 6" and it gets immobilised, then its destroyed, but the great decoy launchers allow you to re-roll that result. And the amount of times I've had an immobilisation 5 turned to a crew stunned 1 means its well worth it.
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Default Re: skimmer ability

normqally being a Skimmer is a double edged sword, you Crash, but can only be glanced, with the inclusion of DL, we get to reroll the 5's which make us Crash, tell me thats not a benefit now
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Default Re: skimmer ability

Originally Posted by necrontauman
is there any plus side the skimmer ability of the tau devilfish and hammerhead? cause i think that once it is immmobilized it falls to the ground a is destroyed, is that right?
It all comes down to how you look at it. I'll break it down for you to think about:

Non-Skimmers (ie: Normal Vehicles):

Normal vehicles have differing armors and move normally and fire weapons normally. However, they're generally slower than most skimmers and can be penetrated. They can also be glanced. A penetrating hit on a normal vehicle means that on a 4+, the tank is destroyed. If it's glanced, it's only destroyed on a 6. We could keep our normal vehicle in cover, to maintain the glance damage chart, but most of the time, we need to move our vehicles to respond to the enemy depending on terrain. The other thing is that our enemies can assault our normal vehicles and automatically hit them if they did not move (this could mean 4 chainfist attacks automatically hit, which will result in a penetrating hit most likely and destroy our vehicle on a 4+). If we move we can make it harder to be hit, but it's still rather feasible with units hitting a moving vehicle on a 4+. Now, a vehicle moving fast will only be able to be stuck on a 6+. Knowing this, the most safe times a normal vehicle can experience is when it's in cover and moving fast. However, vehicles are subject to terrain and its' effects.

Enter the Skimmer.


Skimmers work like normal vehicles, but are far more agile and fast. For starters, in Tau we have skimmers that have specific upgrades that totally benefit the skimmer. We can move skimmers and ignore terrain all together. Fast moving skimmers can only ever be glanced and models in combat can only ever hit a skimmer on a 6. That means that our little skimmer can fly around, ignoring terrain, only being glanced if it's hit while being able to return fire at a faster rate than a normal vehicle. In all these regards, Skimmers are superior and better than normal vehicles. Tau skimmers go the extra mile with upgrades like the Multi-tracker and Decoy Launchers which make the skimmer more lethal, faster and more resilient. Normally, a glanced skimmer is destroyed on a 6, but also on a 5 unless it wasn't moving faster than 6 inches. Decoy Launchers allows us to re-roll a damage result of 5, which means we're only destroyed on our 6 again, or the 5 should that be rolled again.

We completely avoid penetrating damage charts. That alone should be a note to let you know that skimmers are more durable than vehicles via your question.

If a Skimmer, your Devilfish or Hammerhead, are moving slowly, under 6 inches, they will not be destroyed on a glance result of a 5 and if glanced will only be destroyed on a 6 as normal. This is nothing special in it's own right, because we're moving so slow in this example. However, the reason we have skimmers is to up the speed, in which case the vehicles cannot keep up in terms of output, durability and the avoidance of terrain.

So in short: Skimmers are better (and Tau skimmers are fantastic!)
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