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Tau tactics
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Default Tau tactics

GW's website posted an article on how the various armies are impacted by the 5th ed. Concerning Tau, they did not mention marker lights.

1.) GW really doesn't play their own games.
2.) Good - keep it in the family
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Default Re: Tau tactics

Well, Tau aren't the most popular army (that taken by IG and SM) so I can see that happening. I do wonder about the theoretical quality of goods, it isn't like War Gamming is the most competitive industry. Nor is it that important. I put forth two ideas on how they may think of the quality of their product, agian these are POSSIBLE. I don't know these people personally, nor do I have an idea on their work ethic.

"Its a game! who cares if its not perfect!"
"We can skimp here and there, no one's gonna die!"

I would believe only Apathy might keep our game from a theoretical perfection, but I don't know these people and it is purely speculation. I haven't the faintest idea on how the working environment is there, so agian just speculation.

this might explain the fact that the rules are quite incomplete at times, or it might be the fact we're trying to simplfy a tragically complicated thing that is war with abstract rules that, if not perfect, won't crumble. This isn't physics you know, there will be failures of the rules without the system collapsing or simply not existing. well, I'm done over complicating a simple thought!
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Default Re: Tau tactics

That certainly isn't the first time GW has made strange errors with Tau articles and never bothered to fix them. The Cities of Death material indicated Rail Rifles as Sniper weapons, and they have talked about picking up Sniper Teams in Devilfish. I don't think there is anyone at the Studio who is particularly interested in working on the army. Even Andy Hoare, who was responsible for the last update. I think he was the one who wrote an article on skimmers or tanks and neglected to mention the Tau altogether. The original idea was pioneered by a developer who left the Studio before it really took root. Most codexes are written by people who like the army and have a vision for where it should be going. With Tau it often feels like they are just going through the motions. Maybe the idea just doesn't appeal much to the current Studio.
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