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Questions in the form of Tau *trying to get back into 40k has never been so...*
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Default Questions in the form of Tau *trying to get back into 40k has never been so...*

I'm trying to get back into Warhammer 40k and eventhough I have asked a few questions and gotten pretty good feedback already, I have more! Thanks again by the way!

I have either the 2nd or 3rd gen rule book*Tau came out in 3rd right?*, so I am missing out on a few details of how certain things work and I am not planning on buying an updated rule book till the 5th edition one comes out soon. So as far as rule related goes...

1. How exactly do Vespid work movement wise? *I've read the recent posts in how they are medium infantry killers etc, but it doesn't explain how they move* Is it just a 12 inch movement during the movement phaze? What exactly is "fleet?"

2. I want to use Broadsides, *since I bought six for my old army about 4 years ago* but I am afraid they would be worthless do to the new line of sight rules and their natural lack of movement. However, I did notice the "Advanced Stabilisation System," but yet again due to my lack of rulebook I don't know what "slow and purposeful" means.

3. As a whole, I want to use a Tau army with a composition like this.

2 Monat Crisis HQ

1 team of three Crisis Elites or 1 team of 6 Stealth Suits

2 Monat Crisis Elites

2 Squads of 6 Firewarriors

2 Devilfish *can I hold both squads of Fire warriors in one?*

1 Squad of 8 Pathfinders

1 Team of 3 Pirahna

Maybe a Squad of Vespid?

Maybe a Team of Broadside?

1 Hammerhead Maybe 2?

Sorry to make an armylist pretty much, but I would appreciate any advice you could give. I assume that fielding those forces would make my Tau very mobile am I correct?

I also have some conversion questions/ideas...

I don't like the look of vespid themselves, but I do have 7 XV15 models, which I am no longer using since I have 6 new XV25 models. My plan is to try and use the Stealth Suit bodies minus their jetpacks *replacing with their wings* and burst canons. *replacing with their actual guns* Also, possibly incorporating their arms and legs, which don't bug me too much...

If I find that Broadsides would be usable with the kind of Tau I am thinking about playing, then I want to do a conversion with them holding their Railguns like a single sniper rifle and having a drone incorporated in their helmet.

Ideally, I would be able to make my Devilfish look cooler and more mobile looking than the Hammerheads, but I haven't a clue where to go with this. Perhaps choping and bending back the area that holds the drones to make longer wings? I'm trying to re-use as much as I can, because I am working off a pretty lame budget.

Lastly, I was thinking about putting capes on my Firewarriors similar to White Dwarf's Farsight converted Firewarriors and this would be really easy to do with modeling putty right?

Thanks for your time if you've managed to put up with reading this whole thing! -.-; I am trying to get into Warhammer 40k again casually / slowly, because I've got a lot of other things preoccupying my time. Although I would appreciate anything you can throw my way.

~For the Greater Good?
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Default Re: Questions in the form of Tau *trying to get back into 40k has never been so.

Well, welcome back to the Greater Good!
I'll do my best to answer your questions.

1) Vespid move like jump inf, so it's a 12" movement. Fleet is an additional d6" movement in the shooting phase they can use instead of shooting. Use it to get into cover or something.

2) Slow and Purposeful simply means they move as if they're constantly moving through difficult terrain. (2d6 and you pick the highest)

3) Your list looks fine, however I'd suggest splitting up the crisis team up into 3 separate units of 1. They can take on more targets this way, are easier to hide and have a higher overall survivability rate. Same with the stealth suits, it's more effective to split them up in teams of 3.

A devilfish can only carry 1 unit at a time, so you'd need 2 to carry both squads. However I suggest freeing up points to make them 10 man squads for some nasty fish of fury action.

The pathfinders will need a devilfish

A Hammerhead is a must for every Tau army, however if you field Broadsides alongside them, I'd suggest equipping it with an Ion Cannon. You have Broadsides to deal with heavy armor
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