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A question about transportation.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default A question about transportation.

Let's say that I have a Tau army with infantry and vehicles. I don't have many people that I know that play 40k, so I have to go to my local Games Workshop. How would I transport my vehicles if I already have a case for my infantry?
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Default Re: A question about transportation.

If you just want to transport Vehicles, I'd get the smalles Army Transport case, you can probably fit 6-8 in there at 2 per tray. Overall I'd recommend Army Transport for carrying just about anything. I've got a motorpool and I love it.
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Default Re: A question about transportation.

For my transporting needs, I use one super huge fishing tol box, and be done over it. More often than not, they can store quite a number of things. I have one box for each one of my armies, and they store at least 3000-4000 pts worth of things in there.

All my armies are mechanized, so I often have to take the size and the storing capacity of the case I use to transport my entire armies.
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Default Re: A question about transportation.

If you have a smaller sized suitcase that you no longer use that will work. You can buy foam and cut it out to make slots for your vehicles to sit in.
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