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stealth team abilities
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Kroot Warrior
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Default stealth team abilities

The stealth suit stealth ability gives the stealth team the advantages of "fighting at night". Does this mean that if a searchlight was mounted on a vehicle it would not have to roll for spotting the stealth team?
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Default Re: stealth team abilities

No it doesn't work this time searchlight doesn't help you against stealth suits unles the batttle is a nightfight, but even then you would still rol normal night fight spoting distance to stealth suits insted of that halved one if illuminated by searchlight.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: stealth team abilities

Thanks, one of the people i was playing kept insisting that they did. I kept telling him otherwise.
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Default Re: stealth team abilities

Just a note, to clarify what was already stated:

Search Lights do not make it easier to spot stealthsuits in nightfight games. The only function a search light does is allow other units to fire at the newly spotted target. You still have to "see" the stealthsuits the same way as if you did not have the Search Light, it does not effect your dice rolls. If your vehicle does roll the spotting distance to see the stealthsuits, then the search light is activated and other units may fire upon them as normal with line of sight and range.

Now, under the new FAQ on stealthsuits, it specifically states that if a stealth team is seen by a vehicle with a search light, other units that turn will test to see them as if it were daylight.

So when there is Night Fight rules in effect, even with a search light, the distance for spotting stealths is halved. If they are seen by a vehicle with the search light, then other units may not test as if it were Day Light (but still test!).
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