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Where are the commanders?
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Default Where are the commanders?

Has anyone noticed that the new GW site does not sell tau commanders? The HQ section has regular crisis suits, and farsight, and shadowsun, but no commander battlesuits.
I am aware that the new site is well NEW, and may be missing a few things but then again 5th edition is not too far away. Does anyone know if GW is making any changes to the tau commander for 5th edition, and the old model is being replaced? I can't see them making any huge changes without a new codex, but I figured I should ask.
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Default Re: Where are the commanders?

I'd put it down to just being new, they still have to iron out the bugs so to speak.
Just like anything new there are bound to be mistakes.

Hell on the Australian site the home page for 40K has eldar listed on the header, numerous typos on daemons pages, and others that I couldn't be stuffed listing, or anyone listening to senseless ramblings.
I can't get Commander Tycho through the Australian site, they told me its OOP, but its still listed etc etc etc...

I doubt very much that it has anything remotely to do with the impending release of 5th edition mate.
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Default Re: Where are the commanders?

Who knows, maybe they've got a new Tau Commander box in the works? Wishful thinking maybe, but who knows?
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Default Re: Where are the commanders?

Originally Posted by FaithTruthWisdom
Who knows, maybe they've got a new Tau Commander box in the works? Wishful thinking maybe, but who knows?
or tau commanders can take xv22s? but thats again wishful thinking and they would definately have to wait 'til a new 'dex came out for that.
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