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Remember the Guy with the Baneblade . . . . . .
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Default Remember the Guy with the Baneblade . . . . . .

Remember the Guy with the Baneblade, I played him last night.

He took an Armoured Company, a Baneblade and 4 Leman Russ Battle Tanks (WITH my permission).

I had an Ethereal with 2 Shield Drones, Crisis Commander & 2 Bodyguard, 6 Fire Warriors basic with Pulse Rifles, 6 Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines & EMP Grenades, 3 Crisis Suits with TL Fusion Blasters, 3 Crisis Suits with TL Missile Pods, 2 Piranhas, & 3 Hammerheads.

The Scenario was 'Take and Hold' and (unsurprisingly) the Army with the most Troops won Lol.

AND (this is my Cherry on the Cake) the Baneblade only lasted 2 Turns

He's using a regular Army next time . . . . .

EDIT By RZ: you know, it might help to flesh out this a bit more as a battle reportů
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