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Favourite Crisis Configuration
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Default Favourite Crisis Configuration

now i couln't see any of these... if there are then sorry... but as the name suggests what is everyones favourite Crisis Configuration for standard Shas'vre (or team leader if your feeling cheap :P) monat and why?

My personal fav is the Helios with target array and HW multi Tracker. Fighting almost exclusivly MEQs and TEQs this suit is great... i play my suits very agressivley anyway. Hell i even take flamers a few times when im fighting something that isnt MEQ lol.

I started out using the Fireknife but i was always goin within 12 inches n the missle tended to do nowt to anything n i found it rather boring to use. it was just to much of an alrounder to be anygood for a specific task
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

Right now, i love the Firestorm configuration. It pumps out 5 shots at 18" which is out of charge range of anything and you take out orks and IG by the dozen. The layout i use is Monat Shas'vre, Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, and hw-Multi-tracker. One configuration i'm really intrigued about is the Soul Cleans configuration (Fusion Blaster and Flamer), probably one of the least liked XV8 configuration, but i want to find a use for it. :P But i'd field it with Fusion Blaster, twinlinked Flamer, hw-Multi-tracker just for an extra boost. I like the fluff behind the Soul Cleans configuration as well.
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

To me the missile pod is great, very effective for it's points cost, but sometimes it is good to let it go.

Currently my favorite configurations are as follows.
Shas'O -Aurora build. From MEQs to GEQs, kills them all. Occasionally wipes TEQs
Shas'vre - Either Fireknife or Bladestorm with Targetting arrays and HWMT
Crisis Teams - Deathrains with targetting arrays. My word these have been godly effective, and on the cheap, best used in groups of threes for me without target locks. Its always that last shot that makes it too.
Monat - Usually with a Monat suit, he'll have a twin-linked fusion blaster and generally a backup missile pod. That way I can send that one 65 point suit on the enemy like a fat kid in a candy store, works too.

I like to make use of standardized builds, they're very good at their jobs.
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Old 15 May 2008, 06:21   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

i only have 2 suits. my commander is a centurion (with the plasma twinlinked)
my other monat is a burning eye (the helios has been heavily considered as well)

the way suits should be configured (apart from what you like best, which really is what it comes down to in the end) depends on the rest of the army.
i take 2 x 2 broadside teams, each team leader having the plasma option. between what i've listed so far, thats 4 twinlinked rails, 4 twinlinked plasmas. all at bs 4 and above (the broadsides take TA as well as the burning eye monat)
these shots make short work of any tough targets (too tough for S5 shots,) while the fire warriors gun down everything else.
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Old 15 May 2008, 09:16   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

Helios, fight a lot of monstrous creatures.
But when writing my guides, I've realized the power of the Firestorm, Fireknife, Aurora and a couple of unnamed builds, particularly the Plasma/Burst and Missile/Cyclic.

And Merqu, the Helios isn't the most effective build against Marines and Terminators. May I suggest the Aurora?
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Old 15 May 2008, 11:19   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

MentosMkr i have used the soul clense before it works very well on 5+ baddies specially orks you can torch the mob n melt the nob if he has better armour lol. bit over kill i no. also great against IG cos of all the tanks AND all the men
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Old 15 May 2008, 11:32   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

all i have used so far is TL missles and TL plasma, and i like missles (i think it is called deatrain) going to try out arurora and see how good it is...
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

2 deathrain+ suits
2 fireknife+ suits
1 'el fireknife+

+ means target array

I've long since forgone a need for teamleaders, targetlocks and multi tracks, as the above config doesn't need it really. I average 2 misses per turn with 13 probable shots (16 rapid probable). All are at BS4+ or higher. I'd love to drop the knives, but since you can only run so many suit units I have to have some MEQ killers.

I used to run a deepstriking helios+ with TL fusion and TA, but he drifted out of 6" more times than not. That or he'd only stun or weapon destroy a tank then get burned to his boots for a zero net sum gain. Fun, but impractical when playing quarters or objectives.
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Old 15 May 2008, 12:32   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

naturally theres better results depending on the situation, but I like my unit of BC/PR/MT. If Im feeling like it I give the team leader Frag launcher/PR/shield/hardwired MT

But in most cases the standard fire knife is the best take all commers. I have my Shas'o body guards made with PR/MP/MT and drone cont.

I also have a unit of

- twin linked MP/target/drone cont.
- twin linked FB/target/drone cont.
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Default Re: Favourite Crisis Configuration

The fireknife because its a good all rounder
This is a great community, thanks a million skylight!
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