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What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

Hey all, first of all id like to say hi to everyone, as im relatively new here at TauOnline.

I was wondering what i should get next, i have around 750~ points now: Fire Warriors (24), Devilfish troop transport (1), Stealth suits (1 team-3 people-), and an HQ accompanied by 5 Gun Drones, and at last my trustworthy Sniper Drone team ;D

So, what should i add to that? I was thinking of something to take out heavy targets, such as Carnifexes or transports, but i figured out it would be better to ask the more experienced players here, as you probably know better .

Thanks in advance, Tauer
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

You definately need some anti-tank. Approaching 1000 pts, you need to worry about heavy tanks and not just transports. I'd either recommend a Broadside or a Hammerhead if you want to be more mobile. I'd also try to get some more crisis in there too. I'd suggest running deathrains (TL missile pods with Target array). They are excellent at light armor and medium infantry.
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

Firstly, Broadsides are definitely worth it, twin-linked Railguns are incredibly useful against any armies with vehicles, so 70 points each might seem expensive but they'll more than make up for it, with just a single railgun on a hammerhead i managed to take down a Land Raider first go, so if u have a couple of broadsides then Tank troubles are a thing of the past. Unless they are artillery, because they can hide.

Secondly a team of Pathfinders would probably be useful in there as well. Proper use of Markerlights can really swing a game to your advantage. they can increase the ballistic skill by 1 so if you stack 2 of them your fire warriors and crisis-suits have BS 5 when firing at the markerlighted targets or reduce the targets leadership for pinning (which is doubly useful when you have rail-rifles with your pathfinder team.) The pathfinders have to have a devilfish with them BTW so that adds to the points cost.

Also I agree with O'Ca'rees, Crisis-suits can be equipped to deal with almost any situation SOS at least 1 more squad of them. (Be careful though, crisis suits can eat up a lot of points if you pick all the most expensive stuff.)

I don't know your specific strategy but its always useful to have kroot meatshields allies with you to soak up fire and run in front of your FWs if an enemy squad gets too close. (The kroot are easy to kill which can be a tempting distraction while you move your troops into a better firing position.)

I had a lot too say but to conclude Broadsides are worth their points and pathfinders can really turn the enemies into scared targets and the meatshields kroot can be useful (and cheap pointswise).

P.S. Almost all of this I have said are from my experiences.
P.S.S. It also depends on what kind of army you are facing.
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

From my experiences, Broadsides are often worth it simply for their psychological effect. Sure, Hammerheads might kill more, but they don't seem to scare the opponent like Broadsides do. This can give you some handy control over your opponent's movement if you're clever enough, as you can get their vehicles/TEQs to move away from your Broadside right into a nice area for 5-tonnes of Battlesuits to deepstrike next to & annihilate them. It's pretty easy for them to earn their points back, & they're tough to kill when you give them 2 Shield Drones.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

There are only a few problems that can't be solved with lots of railguns (and nothing that can't be solved with r'guns and shooting first). I would allways take broadsides over hammerheads. The unit may cost more, but is basically the toughest (2+save) and shotiest (str 10 ap1) unit the Tau have

Despite all the benifits of broadsides many people seem to choose the hammerhead (the skyray kit comes with hammerhead parts) as their next buy after the army box. I suspect this is because they have the mech tau bug, and because skimmer tanks are very strong in 4th ed 40 K. Also the hammerhead can fire submunitions which broadsides cant. Pointswise a hammerhead = two broadsides but the kit costs less cash.

Ultimately I filled out 2 heavy slots with broadsides because i like XV suits. The reason I don't use more is because I feel it would be unsporting. But I kinda wish I had tanks like everyone else
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

I like using broadsides over hammerheads because I tend to roll low. While the hammerhead's BS 4 looks good on paper, I find I simply don't hit enough with it and thus when I go against an anti-tank army (which is what I usually fight against) I simply lose the vehicle in the first or second round without hitting anything.
Broadsides, on the other hand, have the option of getting the A.S.S. or even better, a targeting array; for roughly half the cost of a 'railhead'.
Bottom line is that you can get 2 BS 4 TL railguns with broadsides for just 10pts more than a 'railhead'. They can even be placed separately.
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?


You will find an article regarding Broadsides on that page, and for a beginner Tau player the articles there are invaluable.

Anyway, as O'Ca'rees said, you'll definitely need some anti - tank units in your list, and Broadsides are arguably one of the most effective anti - tank units in game, so definitely worth checking out. A Hammerhead Gunship is the other option in regards to bringing Railguns to the table and if you're playing a mechanised army then it is the way to go. Although, points wise, the Hammerhead isn't as efficient as a couple of Broadsides when it comes to fielding Railguns, but the Hammerhead does have far greater maneuverability (in this edition anyway) which does make it a more desirable choice for some players. Ah! I'll stop comparing Hammerheads and Broadsides now.

To put it simply, yes, grab a Broadside or two, they rock. ;D

Welcome to the forums matey.

- Or'es M'yen
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

also something not mentioned yet... their infantry... priority tests... you don't get those with the hammer heads... the number of times a 4 lascannon havoc squad went into one of the x amount of squads in front of it can be a real saver... but of course they are the second most static unit in the tau army (after being given ASS) and joint most static with sniper drones if they haven't
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

Hey all, thanks loads for your advise everyone! Im definately taking broadsides for my army, but i didnt really get the deathrain thing, and what upgrades i should give them?
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Default Re: What to get next, are Broadsides worth it?

Hey Tauer, welcome to the forums.

Definately get yourself some broadsides (and if possible the Forgeworld ones :P). I never play a game without my team - they are worth their weight in gold.

I have found that the most effective team is two XV88s with the Advanced Stabilisers, a team leader/Vre with HW drone controller and two shield drones - costs around 200 points.

This way I can start them out of LOS and stop the enemy shooting, then move forwards to engage heavy targets. The shield drones make them damn near unkillable, most fire will bounce off the 2+ saves, or kill a drone, and anything heavy will bounce off the shield drone or kill a drone - nothing to worry about.


Deathrain are my favourite support battlesuit - able to pop medium infantry and light vehicles/dreadnaughts with ease. They are typically twin-linked missile pods, with an support system - I take Targetting Arrays giving me two shots at BS4 with re-rolls - usually guaranteed to hit

Costs a mere 53 points to do this, and I usually take Monat Teams to increase their flexibility.

Another good choice is the Helios - a Terminator busting, tank killing monster up close. This is usually a plasma rifle, fusion blaster and then you can twinlink one weapon, or take an upgrade - the Targetting Array is usually a good choice.

Get them in close to terminators, and you can usually drop 2 per suit - take a team of 2-3 and you can vape a terminator unit every turn. Same with vehicles - get them within 6" of a Land Raider, and it will be dust before your opponent knows what happened.

They do need to be used aggressively though - more so than the Deathrain and it will take practice to keep them alive.

Good luck with your gaming


Oh, and well done to everyone here - some sterling advice and help from everyone
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