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any advise for fighting the nids
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Kroot Shaper
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Default any advise for fighting the nids

i have never really faced the nids and i was wonderin if there where any tips as to how to kill the these monsters. i have a hybrid force
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

Take plenty of weapons that can pump out lots of shots for taking out large units and powerful long range weapons to kill monstrous creatures
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

Hmm... I would recommend bringing a lot of guns...

Haha, as long as you get your priorities straight they shouldn't be too hard to take down. your infantry and any multiple shot weapons should blow the fast moving gargoyles, hormagaunts, and genestealers sky high. Try to keep some kroot around for counter charges and give your Firewarriors devilfishes (the extra mobility will allow you to redeploy if you're line gets swamped).

Railguns are fun and all for mostrous creatures, but honestly missile pods, plasma rifles, fusion blasters, and sniper teams should just nuke the synapse creatures. If you can take them down the gaunts aren't anywhere near as powerful anymore. That means your HS and your battlesuits should be targetting: Tyrants, Zoanthropes, Broodlords, and Warriors. Carnifexes are slow moving so you can always deal with them later, but once the synapse is gone the Nid player is going to have a very tough game ahead of him.
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

What?! Nobody has the decency to recommend the Rail Gun submunitions? The ones that make minced nids with every shot? Pffh, that's bad taste.

Hammerheads are wonderful, Deathrains are much better than most other builds in this sort of fight, and depending on the objective multiple Piranha can tie up valuable time and units.

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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

What?! Nobody has the decency to recommend the Rail Gun submunitions? The ones that make minced nids with every shot? Pffh, that's bad taste.
They are good, but a hammerhead is generally not the best investment of points in these games. Yes, the submunition is powerful but I find that the extra firewarrior squad you could get instead would prove more useful. A firewarrior is capable of taking down ANY unit in a Nid force with his trusty pulse rifle.

But as Enderwiggin said, Railheads aren't beyond consideration. The anti-monstrous creature ability is great and the submunitions are fantastic, I just find them rather expensive against Nids.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

Originally Posted by sionnach19
But as Enderwiggin said, Railheads aren't beyond consideration. The anti-monstrous creature ability is great and the submunitions are fantastic, I just find them rather expensive against Nids.
Well, if you look at it more as a powerful squad that can't get locked in close combat against the enemy, but can still add some decent hurt to the enemy, it makes it a tad better.

Here is the build of Hammerhead I would use against the Tyranids:
Burst Cannons
Flechette dischargers
Decoy Launchers

This is only 170 points and it doubles the survivability, keeps shooting while remaining maneuverable, and if any of the gribblies get into close combat it'll kill a few of them. And, as said, it can work wonders on the heavier things, although I'd rather use an Ionhead against those.

Now let's look at it from the Mathhammer point of view.

6 turns of the Submunition and 4 turns of the Burst Cannon for the Hammerhead, while the Fire Warriors get 5 turns of Pulse Rounds (This is just about as much as I've seen in my games, and so I'd call it fair, if you'd wish to dispute do the mathhammer for yourself).

Railgun Kills (assuming 9 models covered): 7 per turn, 35 per game.
Burst Cannons:12.6 (13) per game.

Fire Warriors
Pulse Rifles: 4.8 (5) per turn 24 per game.

The Hammerhead manages to kill 240 points of models, assuming we're talking 5 point Guants here, while the Fire Warriors don't even make their points back. So the Hammerhead takes down any unit in the 'Nid army even more effectively, even if it is against the general feel of "Desperate Defense against endless hordes", but you're Tau, you're not supposed to get bogged down like that!

With my suggested configuration, you have something that has a big mincing gun, or a single shot super heavy to take down big things. The other advantage it has over other things is that if it loses it's gun, then you can start sending it on suicide missions into the enemy forces because of the Fleschettes! These babies hurt nearly any enemy units attempting to attack it in Close Combat (which is what most of the Tyranid units attempt to do anyways).

I just think that in general, paying an extra 50 points for a better all around unit isn't "too expensive", plus as a Tank you don't have to worry about it getting bogged down in close combat, which is really good as that is part of many a nid players strategy. Likewise, the tank isn't too bothered by Target Priority, so if you see, say, a unit of Genestealers hiding behind a unit of a few Guants, you simply fire into them and bye bye Stealers, while the Guants are finished off by another unit.

Anyways, as to what to use against the Tyranid army I have two words: Your Army. This isn't meant to be a smart-arse comment or anything, it's truly serious. You need to keep in mind that one of the most important things against the Tyranids is Target Priority, because if you can cripple their command structure they become an uncontrolled mass of moving targets. The thing to keep in mind when you're consulting your Target priority is that the masses are just as dangerous as the creatures controlling them, and even though individually you can't see them as too powerful, they get a lot meaner in large groups.

First of all, Synapse means that the enemy isn't going to be taking morale checks, so hoping for anything that'll make them stay pinned for an extra turn is naive unless you've taken out the enemy's synaptic control. The only units that have Synapse, if I remember correctly, are Warriors, Hive Tyrants, Brood Lords and Zoanthropes (although the last one has to buy it). So if you can get a decent shot on these guys, take it! If you can manage to thin out the synapse enough so that a unit isn't in it then you can effectively cut off and destroy that part of the army.

But don't forget the masses, with so many models it'll be very bad if they can manage to get into close combat with you. Say a mob of 32 starts their charge and your Fire Warriors manage to whittle them down to 12, before they get into close combat, you'll have to accept heavy losses because we are far from the best race in close combat and our saves aren't the best either, although better than basic 5 point tyranids :P. The biggest bet to staying in the game isn't allowing them to get into Close Combat and ruining your gunline, which is what sounds like you'll be running.

Now, going back to the comment I touched on the beginning of this little article "As to what to use against the Tyranids: Your Army", it rings very true. Sometimes there will be units that you won't think will fit in too well, but you have to realize that these units will fill some purpose. One of the commonly seen as bad units in these types of games are Piranhas, but if you give them Fleschettes and Fusion Blasters they will harass the enemy's Carnifexi and Hive Tyrant quite righteously unless they shoot them down or attack in close combat, where they will get eaten by the fleschettes!

One of the units I really like to use against the Tyranids are my Stealth Suits. A single squad of 6 of them will provide me with plenty of Dakka to hit the enemy from the side with, and unless there are specific units to intercept or you deploy your men right in the middle of the enemy advance, you'll press the general to either send a while unit after you, and therefore divert the offensive, or he'll let you have your heyday until it becomes much easier for him to stop and eat you up.

Now, one thing to look out for in the Tyranid army is the very odd little units of infiltrators you can find. If I recall correctly, the Genestealers can all infiltrate (or is that just the unit with the Broodlord?), and they also have Lictors and Raveners, which are very tough 1 trick ponies with lots of weapons, and often found in cover of some sort to be a thorn in your side. If one of these guys manages to throw a wrench into your plan then you have one of a few options, the worst of which being to abandon that front and give it to the enemy to keep your lines closed and still firing onto the enemy as long as you can.

Well, this is all from an old player's memory, but with no change in the editions keep in mind that the brains and the brawn are just as dangerous, so take pot opportunistic pot shots at something every turn and KEEP FIRING! If you can't hit the unit you want to then shoot at something else, you just want to keep those numbers down very, very low before they manage to hit your lines.
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

Lonely pretty much summed it up. However, one last thing to mention would be having flamers on your crisis suits. A lot of people who use twin-linked weapons, like plasma, missle pods, or fusion, have either a target lock or targeting array as their third hard-point. Against 'nids, it is worth considering changing out that third point for a flamer. While you can't fire it the same turn with your other gun, it gives you the option of wiping out hordes if they happen to get too close for comfort!

Also, at a paltry 4 points a model, switching them for target arrays can help you squeeze an extra couple firewarriors or drones into your list.
Originally Posted by Mage

And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

Just like to add a side note on mission levels.

In Omega level games you'll struggle (mission and level SHOULD ALWAYS be rolled for for fairness) I out shot a tau player with my nids, due to his force coming onto the board piecemeal and the concealment rules helped a lot too.

So make sure you have plans to deal with the possibility of Alpha, Gamma and Omega level games. If you both write lists with this style of thinking you'll have really enjoyable balanced games where you have to think about tactics.

I hate gamers who turn up and play kill each other. Its just a shooting fest of my guns/sword is bigger then yours... *yawn* those type of games are won by the beardiest unit.
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

i agree, just playing kill the other guy first gets boring really fast, i would rather play a campaign or role for missions...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: any advise for fighting the nids

"Kill the other guy" games can be fantastic fun. If you have had a hard day at work or similar and just want an easy fun game then this is a perfectly viable alternative to playing a scenario and has it's place within the game aswell.

Also two people both aiming to do this can lead to some of the most interesting games as you can learn more from your opponents army sometimes by observing them in these type of games.

They also, contrare to 'Gareths' personal opinion require a decent level of skill if your opponent is also a skilled player. If you combine this with both using themed army lists, I find these games sometimes more enjoyable than scenario games.

Anyhow, end of rant: On topic.

As everyone has stated, lots of guns are great, pulse rifles are pretty much designed to kill nids and do it ever so well, remember not to fret when the nids get close as a good round of rapid fire can soon sort out a infantry unit close.

Make sure you have a plentiful supply of missile pods for those big nasties too.

My final point which i don't believe has been mentioned is gun drones. Using these guys as a sacrificial pawn can be an amazingly strong tactic. Fly them right up to the tyranid army (preferably spread out blocking all access between two terrain pieces). This way your opponent has two options, stand where they are shoot or assault them. Either way your opponent has lost near enough a whole turn of movement (excluding consolidation when he inevitbly wipes out the drones of course). This in turn can allow you an extra turn of shotting which may be exactly what you need.

Note: The above comments weren't aimed at anyone, just a common misconception that pitched battles are no fun/ require no skill. ;D
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