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Random musings about orks...
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Default Random musings about orks...

Here's a copy of a message I sent to another member about a 1k game vs. Orks. Figured it may have some advice in it that somebody might find useful...

Alright, here's my general advice against orks (Hope I'm not too late to help a brother out! )

With 1k armies, for troops you want 2 full strength firewarrior units. Give at LEAST one a devilfish, preferably both. Also, two minimum sized kroot units (I would recommend the shaper, but drop him if you're low on points). Hammerheads should be your real HS option, with some sniper drones if you feel like it (I find them generally useful enough to take down the weak little ork trucks, pin smaller units or beat up nobs and 'ard boys.) A squad of stealthsuits is well recommended, the anti-infantry support and the mobility they provide is phenomenal. Suit builds are up to you, though I would stay away from plasma rifles/fusion blasters.

If you are playing a big horde army (100+ models, a LOT of orks) deploy all your guys on one flank. It can be obvious too, it really doesn't make a difference. He will have too many models to effectively send them all at you at once (Use terrain to your advantage) and pick off the enemy as they get close. When they start threatening your more vulnerable firewarriors, deploy your kroot and have them counter charge. Engage as many units as possible, and do not expect your kroot to do much. The key is for them to hopefully survive long enough to get your Tau away, keep that in mind. Load up your firewarriors in the devilfish(es) and send them and the suits zipping either towards the ork deployment zone or along your deployment zone. Basically, get them away from the orks at all costs. Redeploy far enough away to give you some more shooting and then light the orks up as they turn around to get you. Should be pretty easy.

Against a hybrid or speed freaks army, don't lock yourself into one flank. Use the entire board to deploy across, but keep the same concept in mind. When the orks get too close, redeploy.


A few hints to keep in mind:

Flechette launchers work wonders. For only 5 points, it pays to equip all your vehicles like this to give the orks a hard time. Since most ork shooting is useless against tanks, they rely on powerklaws in close combat to kill vehicles. Don't let them.

On that note, I find piranhas especially tasy for these games. Their superb maneuverability lets them get behind or to the side of the orks and lets you shoot at them. BE DARING. Most orks cannot hurt your piranhas with shooting and if you have flechette launchers on close combat shouldn't be too hard either.

Kroot are very good in close combat, and generally can beat weakened ork units. Remember to allocate wounds on your shaper, and if possible a krootox. The shaper lets you take 2 wounds without losing a model, and with three attacks he is a force to be reckoned with. This at least with my experience, you should never expect your kroot to survive. Sucks to be auxiliaries.

Stealthsuits are going to be your trump card in ork games. Hide them behind cover, pop out to unload your 18 burst cannon shots, and then hide again. They are also very easy to sneak away from the orks when they get to close.

Gun drones can be put to good use. A unit of them deepstriking behind the ork tide will force your enemy to consider charging foward or dealing with the units behind him. PLUS, they pin.

Battlesuits are good, but basic troops are better. Try to stay away from crisis suits and make your commander relatively cheap.

Firewarriors do their job very well. Against basic orks, you negate their armor save and wound on a 3+. They should constantly be thinning the ranks. Kroot can do the same in fact, though their weapons aren't nearly as good keep them shooting!!!

Now, the most important unit at your disposal...

Vehicle gun drones. These babies have saved me more times than I can count. Deploy them right in front of an ork mob. Now leave them there. The orks will either have to shoot, assault, or move around this tiny little two man unit. It will slow down their advance regardless of what option they choose. However, another good idea...

CHARGE! Deploy the gun drones barely in coherency. Send one drone into base contact and keep the other as far away as possible. If done right, one gun drone may very well be overwhelmed. BUT, the orks will have to consolidate into the remaining gun drone they could not hit in combat. You can potentially tie up a 30 man ork mob for one whole turn this way. Very powerful, another reason to take more piranhas. You can generally pull off the same maneuver with deepstriking drones.

It may be hard to fit all these things into a 1k game. Just make sure you have every avenue covered. Maybe you can only take one units of kroot, so be it. That just makes your redeployment riskier. Try never to take less than 24 firewarriors though, they are your backbone. Stealthsuits should be included for almost the same reason. And don't forget, a hammerhead lets you take down vehicles with a solidshot railgun and the submunition can wipe whole squads off the board at a time.

Good luck, let me know if you have many more questions and I look forward to seeing how this battle goes
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