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Tau and Friends [Update 4.3]
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Default Tau and Friends [Update 4.3]

  • Tau and Friends- an exploration of alternative races in Tau armies

      • Intro
      • Ujahs
      • Hawkolia
      • Janax Gutrippers
      • Demiurg
      • Spicii
      • Tarrishi
      • Gue'vesa
      • Eldar
      • Dark Eldar Assassin
      • Spittiskitti
      • Slann
      • Golemni
      • Grundi
      • Rag'mantha
      • Naga and Shea'shi
      • Chamilix
      • Xalliad
      • Scilva
      • Bubgies
      • Mis'trex
      • Chuthulians
      • Scarobi
      • Roboti
      • Terralythics
      • Jaisse


      Tau and Friends is a concept for using 'counts-as', friendly games and Apocalypse to represent alternative races in your Tau army. I have used existing races where I can, and some that I have made up. I hope you enjoy this guide, and that you try out some of the ideas within. Everything here has been hand written by me except the Demiurg and Nicassar fluff, which is from Wikipedia. Thanks to Jais and Arandomshadow for helping out.

      The Races


      The Ujah (from the planet of Ujahn) and a race of tiny hairy monkey-like creatures, that dwell in a forested enviroment. They operate in Family groups, each lead by a Greyback Ujah, the Father of the Family. The Ujahs are not warlike, but they are very loyal to the Tau, who saved them from the Imperials, so will fight if asked to, using their Pulselets, compact pulse weapons with power comprable to an Imperial Sniper rifle. Ujahn is closest to Tash'var.

      Modelling: When I made a proto-Ujah, I used a Ratling then made fur using GS, and replaced the Sniper barrel with a Pulse carbine barrel. I then painted its fur brown, and its gun in my Sept's colour (blue and yellow).

      Rules: I use the rules for IG Ratlings.


      A race of winged Dragonfly-like predators, this race accepted the Tau's leadership after a bitter three-year war. They fly short distances on membraneous wings, and use their own heat-seeking weaponary to take our enemies efficiently. The Tau now use them on many rad and attack, their primary use to surround and subdue heavily armoured enemies.

      I would recommend using a Tyranid gaunt's body, with harpie wings, a converted lasgun as a weapon, a Gaunt head with GS eyes sticking out and a GS extended tail.

      Rules: Count-as Vespid.

      Janax Gutrippers

      Massive, ogre like creatures from the world of Janax, these were intergrated into the Tau as mercenaries, in a similar way to the Kroot. The Tau have given them toughened Railshots, similar to the shotguns of the Imperium. The creature themselves are like massive fat humans, but with scales down their back.

      Modelling: Use Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers with GS scales on their back, and converted guns.

      Rules: Ogryns.


      ^Model by Jais^

      The Demiurg are known to have an 'allied' relationship with the Tau, being noted as economic relations of the Tau Empire, and were initially introduced to the Tau via their mutual relations with the Kroot. The Tau acquired their knowledge of ion cannon technology from the Demiurg; this technology is now heavily used by the Tau in their armies and fleets. Two Brotherhoods of Demiurg, the Srry'Tok and Thurm, are known to have joined the Tau Empire.-Wiki

      Modelling:I would use Jais' excellent guide

      Rules: Tough, there are a number of unofficial rules you can try, I'd look here.


      The Spicii (read this), though they are largely loyal onto themselves, have always been racked with civil discontent, so sometimes bands of Mercenaries can be found, even as far away as the Tau Empire.

      Modelling: Here: Look on page 2+.

      Rules: Here, try to pick a Troop unit.


      No one knows what the Tarrishi originally looked like, for now their bodies are almost completely robotic, and they talk little. They joined the Tau for their love of the Tau technology, and how it can tune them to optimum performance. They constantly search for Mechanical perfection, and are known to have a great rivalry with the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose advances they have scorned. Who is to know whether they would leave the Tau for an even faster growing race if one emerged?

      I would use Dark Eldar warriors, with Necron Heads and lots of Mech pieces.

      Rules: Use Imperial Stormtroopers or Tau Fire Warriors.


      The Gue'vesa (Human Helpers) are Humans who have abandoned the Imperium to join the Greater Good. Generally any style of Human regiment is acceptable, but the Cadians for instance are unlikely to be on the Eastern fringe, so it's worth thinking a lot about this.

      Modelling: IG minus Imperial signs.

      Rules: Imperial Guard.


      In their typical ways, Eldar will sometimes join Tau if their is someway they can further it to their own ends.

      Models: Eldar

      Rules: Eldar

      Dark Eldar Assassin

      If you want justifications, go to my thread here.

      Model: Converted DE Warrior.

      Callidus Assassin (or any Imperial Assassin really).

      Spittiskitti Invented by Jais

      Massive, spiderlike creatures of massive age and intelligence, they are friendly and loyal to the Tau. Though slow growth means that their species cannot quickly recover from loss, they are mighty, and have found sanctuary for the first time in the Tau empire. They go to battle with mighty railguns on their back, and Tau-made armour. Their species is now the most powerful it has ever been.

      Models: Goblin Great spider with railgun on back.

      Rules: Broadside Battlesuit


      ^Model by Jais^

      Ancient creatures of the Old Ones, the Slann are a dying race, for whom a single life is more precious than a world. Led by their Mage-Priests, they fight a constant battle for survival and the Galaxy that would have been theirs, often fighting alongside other armies, especially when the armies in question are fighting Necrons.

      Models: Lizardmen

      Try using Eldar.

      Golemni Invented by Jais

      Their skin made of hardest rock with chunks of obsidian, these creature use their pulse weapons to defend breaches and spearhead attacks. Good all-round fighters, they will rarely flee in front of enemies.

      Models: SM Terminators with rock GS patterns.

      Rules: Space Marine Tactical squad.

      Grundi Invented by Arandomshadow

      A race of squat, fat creatures with drills as power tools instead of limbs, this race was horribly manipulated by the Imperium into mining for them. When the Tau attacked their homeworld, the Grundi revolted, using underground passages to infiltrate the PDF's lines and wreak utter havoc, their drills and picks turned to deadly use. They fight without fear, and can sustain wounds that would easily kill a Fire Warrior. They generally fight in small groups of 3 or 4.

      Models: Dwarf Miners with GS Hannibal-style masks and Imperial Chainsaw and suchlike as hands.

      Rules: Tyranid Rippers (weird I know, I may change this) OR Raveners (ignoring Synapse).

      Invented by Jais

      The Ragh'mantha are strange creatures. They have four rear legs, and strong upper-arms, from which their tube-like guns protrude. Their backs are covered in thick carapce but beneath their is jellylike skin. They seem like the Tyranids, but in the few occasions when the Tau have witnessed them fight the servants of the Great Devourer, they have fought with utter ferocity and without fear.

      Models: Tombs Kings of Khemri Tomb Spider with Tyranid Biomorphs.

      Tyranid Warriors

      Naga and Shea'shi

      From another site, look here. Thanks to Ravager Zero for this.

      Chamilix Invented by Arandomshadow

      Chameleon creatures with tough hides, the Chamilix joined the Tau at a similar time to the Spittiskitti. Their races get along very well, and the Tau often send them into the same battles to support each other. The Chamilix are stealthly, and, though they aren't hugely powerful in combat, use the weapons given to them by the Tau to deadly results.

      Models: Lizardmen with Crisis suit guns.

      Rules: Stealthsuits.


      Tall and thin, even more so than members of the Air caste, the Xalliad rely upon long ranged weapons to defeat their enemies. Excellent snipers, so use their skills at tracking to great effect for the Tau, who respect the serenity and quietness of the Xalliad.

      Models: Bloodletters with no horns and converted pulse rifles as sniper rifles.

      Rules: Eldar rangers.


      Once called the Dragon-kin, the Scilva are snake like creatures that fly on translucent wings. They stay high above enemies, then strike fast and hard. The Scilva have a friendly rivalry with the Hawkolia.

      Models: GS snake body, Lizardmen heads, Tyranid Gargoyle wings.

      Rules: Tyranid Gargoyles.


      Bubgies were slaves in their previous world, which was controlled by Orks. The Bubgies had been plotting rebellion for several years when they recieved contact from the Tau telling them that they would be given freedom if they co=operated with them. There was a split among the Bubgies, and it was only the excellent leadership of Jah'boo, their current leader that kept them together. Since they are not strong enough to carry heavy weapons, they normally stay off the fighting field, generally excelling in producing food for the other races, but when in battle they can be relied upon to put up a decnet showing.

      Ork Grots with fattened bellies, rounded ears and small, more round noses.

      Rules: Grots


      The Nicassar are driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and travel. It was this which led a flotilla of Nicassar dhows into contact with the Tau, resulting in them becoming the first addition to the fledgling Tau Empire. They continue to work with the Tau by providing fleets to scout and explore.

      Nicassar dhows are relatively small starfaring yachts, propelled primarily by their crew's telekinetic powers. Nicassar ships are primarily sleeper ships, the majority of the crew entering a state of hibernation as the flotilla (consisting of multiple dhows docked together) drifts between stars, under the power of a few non-hibernating crew. Although poorly armed when they first encountered the Tau, the Nicassar's original weapons have been upgraded with Tau railgun batteries. The Tau Empire uses Nicassar dhows as escort vessels, towing them through the 'warp dives' used by the Tau fleet as interstellar propulsion. -Wiki

      Models: Kislev Polar Bear from Fantasy with cyber parts.

      Rules: Farseer and Warlocks.


Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

Mis'trex By Mr.X

The Misítrex are an auxiliary race of the Tau Empire.
Misítrex are completely eyeless and instead rely on their incredible hearing to sense their surroundings, it should also be noted that their other senses are quite above average aswell, unfortunately their improved hearing means that they are risky to employ against eldar and chaos as the cries of howling banshees and the weapons of the noise marines can destroy their sensitive hearing leaving them blind to their surroundings and in a horrendous amount of pain, and they will be ordered to leave the battle the moment these are spotted.
Little is known of the origins of the Misítrex , even to them as their home world was destroyed when itís star went supernova, at this point the Misítrex gathered all their knowledge of space travel to create an interstellar ark capable of carrying a hundred or so of them to safety, they chose co-ordinates where there were planets that they hoped they could survive on with their rare atmospheric requirements, instead they crossed the path of a Tau colonisation ship who offered them the chance to join their great Empire, they willingly joined, seeing a chance for their race to thrive once again because it had quickly become apparent that unlike them the Tau had the technology to create for them pressurised suits that would allow them to breathe on a planetís surface where they would otherwise be confined to ships, and also because they unanimously agreed that uniting the races of the galaxy could only be a good thing.
As yet a world where the Misítrex can breathe the atmosphere is yet to be found but the Ethereals have promised that as soon as one is taken by the Empire they will set up a Misítrex colony there.
The Misítrex do not go to battle very often as their numbers are still very low but when they do they fight incredibly hard, thankful of the Empire who saved their kind from what could have been millennia crawling through interstellar space.
When the Misítrex fight they wear a helmet created by the Tau to allow them to survive in any atmosphere without impairing their sense of hearing and an armoured version of their pressurized suits. Misítrex consider it a badge of honour to carry into battle a powerful melee weapon taken from a slain enemy and there are very few senior Misítrex who have not acquired a well forged sword of some description.
Misítrex are most commonly used as scouts as their senses means little gets past them and their abilities make them excellent shooters, it is not uncommon for the Tau to provide them with specially made sniper weapons.

Models: Stormtrooper bodies with armour added and with a kroot head covered in green stuff to make a helmet with no eyeholes, equip them with close combat weapons and "count as" bolt pistols.

Rules: SM Scouts

The Chuthulians By Isoroku

The Chutulians are a space travelling species, originary from the zone known as Kharesi Expansion. They were the first race from that zone that made an agreement of "incorporation" with the Tau Empire. The Expansion was the cradle of more than 12 minor races which had the capacity of space flight. These have been contacted in different deegres by the Water Caste and have reacted with the most diverse actions.

The Chutulians were the race which was most interested about joining the Greater Good, holders of several sistems in the Kharesi Expansion, good merchants and star travellers. They where known by the Demiurgs for possessing a reliable haven, and after a series of attempts, Azoth Prime, their Capital Sistem, started to be used as the entrance dock into the Kharesi Expansion. This was quickly taken as an advantage by this diligent race, Fire Caste advisors for their Military Forces and Earth Caste advisors to help them increase their fleet capability. Their Squid Class Cruisers were added to the Tau Empire Fleet in the Expansion and beyond; their first battles were against the umpredictable Tobari and Imperial Rogue Traders that seeked to expand their profits in the Kharesi Expansion Territories.

While the Earth Caste helped with the commissioning of the industrial plant, the Chutulians made a great discovery, which could be used in the militar industry of this new followers of the Greater Good, a substance released by a marine creature, completely corrosive which could be bottled asd used as a weapon. The invertebrated creature that released this digestive mucose dwelled in the seas of Azoth Prime, and other colonies, and their meat was very sought after becouse it's tasty flavour.The substance is capable of corroding armour, meat and bone, and is stable inside the combustible flamer tubes. Although the Sha'nal supervisor, Aun'O Shaka'ra Mount'yr, was pretty horrorized after seeing a demostration of this substance in combat, he ought to give his agreement to the Fire and Earth Castes, because this was a great addition to the Empire Armory, so the substance was sinthetized and started too be used in flamers and as filling of Grenades by the Chutulians, which makes them feral urban fighters and impressive ship-to-ship assaults.

Models: Here.

Rules: Fire Warriors.


Small, Ghoulish creatures, the Scarobi used their fearful appearance to scare off their Imperial Dictators and join the Tau. They use the Lasguns of the Imperium, as Pulse weapons are too bright for them.

Models: Vampire Counts Ghouls with Lasguns.

Rules: IG Veterans.


Aliens who destroyed their physcial forms and made themshelves tiny computer powered bodies, the Robita relished the chance to join a race of higher technological expertise than themselves.

They fight without fear in battle, their brain-chips hidden inside a virtually indestructible black box.

Models: Converted Target Locks.

Rules: Necron Scarabs.


The Terralythics are invisibles. There is no trace of them coming, and none of them leaving. They exist only as shadows. They submitted to the Tau after a gruelling war which Tau tracker tech won for the Greater Good. The Terralythics now serve individually as galactic-class snipers, almost beyond compare, before slipping away.

Model: Guardman with face and body completely rounded and smoothed. Paint black, no highlights.

Rules: Vindicare Assassin.


The Jaisse are a galaxy-wide guild of craftsmen. Their race delites in Artificeral beauty, and spent years at a time working of objects of singular beauty and power. They created the black box in which the Roboti's brain chips are stored, something which has brought massive friendship between the two races. The Jaisse, like the roboti, rarely fight, but also put up a decent enough showing.

Models: Any Empire models, with GS extended ears and noses, and lots of vision enhancers.

Rules: Imperial Guardsmen with bionics doctrine.

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

Great stuff, CS.
I smell karma! :

Thanks for these great ideas,
and I'm glad you used my Demiurg pics here, and Slann pics too.

Lot's of great ideas.

Edit: The stuff in bold is added :P



I'm probably going to make some Spicii mini's soon, BTW.
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

Really nice work here Songblade! Was a really good read.

I'm considering actually modelling some of these guys. In particular the Spittiskitti because I collect Night Goblins .

[Thanks for using some of my ideas :].

Once again, great job 8)

- Shadow

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

Thank you very much. I may try making the pictures thumbnails to stop them taking up so much space.

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

Originally Posted by Commander Songblade
Thank you very much. I may try making the pictures thumbnails to stop them taking up so much space.
What about resizing them a bit?
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Default Re: Tau and Friends

I've made them thumbnails. The IG and Demiurg were pretty small anyway, so I've left them.

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Tau and Friends [Updated]

Nice work, CS. So many different races for the greater good! ^^

(Run, Dos, Run!)
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Default Re: Tau and Friends [Updated]

Thank you Bubgum.

[size=3px]By saying that you've volunteered to make a 5,00 point army of each[/size]

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Tau and Friends [Updated]

Originally Posted by Commander Songblade
[size=3px]By saying that you've volunteered to make a 5,00 point army of each[/size]
That sounds more like a job for me... :P
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