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Suggestions for a Tau army???
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Default Suggestions for a Tau army???

Hi I only just recently signed up to this site and I am about to start playing 40K again for the first time in about three or four years!!!

I've decided I'm going to collect a Tau army but don't know what type of Tau army would suit me best. I used to play Imperial Guard with which I was quite succsessful.

Any suggestions???
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Default Re: Suggestions for a Tau army???

You have several options, I'd look here first, and here if you're gonna go Crisis-heavy:


Mech Tau are very popular these days: they are based almost entirely in vehicles, so are tough and quite forgiving, and are a change from a mass infantry army. There are several good tacticas for them on the site, just take a look around and I'm sure you'll find some.

Mech Tau are sometimes considered cheesy, but this is mostly by people who use no tactics whatsoever whilst playing, and so rest assured that whilst your army would be difficult to face, it would be far from immpossible.

MechTau Tactica & Advice


The army that I play, static Tau are generally based upon a solid core on Fire Warriors and Crisis suits, supported by Kroot, Pathfinders, Stealthsuits and some Tanks. The static army has a range of units availiable, so you can always find something you want.

The static army is appealing, as you can try a range of things and it is quite forgiving: I would recommend starting with this, then modifying your army in the future.


Basically invented by Ravager Zero, this army is a close range/ combaty Tau force, which is surprising deadly. Most facts on this can be found in his article on these boards.

AggroTau Tactica & Advice


Basically a combination of the above armies, Hybrid is great in that you get fun, varied armies that work very well. Typical Hybrid armies are 1,000 points static with 500 points mech, or vice versa.

A special mention should go to the Kroot, as they are very characterful and excellent fighters.

I would make the decision based on which models you like, as it is better to get beaten over and over with an army you love than to get a victory for victory's sake, at the expense of your enjoyment.


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Default Re: Suggestions for a Tau army???

Thanks for the advice. Aesthetics always sway my decision when it comes to my army, although a mech type army had appealed to me. I'd like to be a bit more manouverable with my army rather than just standing as far to the back of the board as I can hoping to prolong an assault, as is the way I played Imperial guard. Though I should be able to apply some of the tactics I used with guard to my Tau.

I love some of the special rules with the mechanised Tau such as being able to transport fire warriors within rapid fire range behind a Devilfish so they can't be assaulted!
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