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Dealing with Dark Angels
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Default Dealing with Dark Angels

I used to play back in 3rd Edition, but my play group broke after High School. I recently found a new group to play with and jumped back in, buying the new rulebook (which I found out today was going to be outta date soon :sadnshocked and codex. I was crushing face until my friend wiped out his dark angels army. He takes frequent pleasure in dropping terminators right next to my troops and eating them up. I can't figure out how to beat it. The only units that have been holding up are my kroot, and that's only if they charge. Is there any advice as to how I can beat this guy.

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Default Re: Dealing with Dark Angels

Plasma rifle suits will ensure he doesn't deep strike - losing all of his terminators will stop them

Remember they cannot charge after DSing.

I assume he has a unit of 5 with 1 heavy weapon?

Thats nothing. Trust me, there are far scarier things around. He will hit one of your units when they turn up, and you will probably lose them. Then you can hit him with everything.

If you worry about your suits getting hit - run them as Monat's, but keep them togethor - that way, he thinks he can wipe out 2-3, but can only hurt one whilst the other two (Helios - plasma and fusion at close range can vape 3 terminators a go) blast back. You mention kroot - very useful.

I know terminator armour is daunting, but assuming they are the pfist ones, your kroot jumping into the middle of a shot up unit will make mince meat from them, without breaking a sweat.

Also - make sure your deployment is a good one, with all units being able to support each other. As he cannot charge, he cannot get into CC safety and avoid your fire - and if the deployment is a good un, you can hit his one expensive unit with everything you have.
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