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Default Harlequins

well in a couple of weeks i will be facing my friends new army.... the Harlequins... . I've read over the 'codex' and they are some nasty little b@stards in cc... and those death jesters are sick. Now i done have much things going to get some more things soon enough (24 fire warriors, 2 hammerheads/can be converted into devilfish, etheral. ya it sucks but for 20 bucks not bad. need to get me a suit or 4 sooon enough.

its going to be a 1k point game (so that means like 5 models for him...lol) and and wondering how to kill these guys. whats the strategies and look out for 31 priority

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Default Re: Harlequins

Harlequins rely on a permanent cover save for their protection against shooting. Weapons guided by markerlights ignore cover saves.

Get the picture?
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Default Re: Harlequins

Harlequins are probably the least powerful force in the entire game (check out the important topics in the Eldar board for my run down of them), anything will bring them down.

Still as Tonka has said markerlight guided weapons wil cause even more damage than usual, as does any weapon that uses the flame,blast or ordanance templates (all of which negate the harlies holo-field save).

Your stealth suits striking first in combat(when charged) will even be a big threat to them (seriously they can not take hits). They will also have a hard time in bringing down any high T units you use.

Death Jesters are nothing special, they are just a single harlie with a big gun (for the most part) and some power blades. Gun-drones detatched from your things such as your devil-fish will be ideal for hunting them down.
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Default Re: Harlequins

Harlequins are very easy to lose with unless you really know what you're doing with them. Just take plenty of guns with you and plenty of markerlights (like others have said before) and you'll be fine.

Also - don't panic. Harlequins have high stats and they have very powerful nasty guns - they're an elite specialist force but they can also fall like water down a plug hole. Don't panic, don't do anything stupid and you should be fine.
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Default Re: Harlequins

The best way to eliminate Harlies is with volume. AP is meaningless against them, so don't think of plasma and all that for busting their little pointy heads open. Markerlights can be very helpful, but you do not want to be too stationary as they have weapons that will kill a model and then use a blast template and kill everyone around them. Knowing that, make sure you use your 2 inch coherency to maximum effect to avoid extra casualty should this happen to you. Multiple shots and long range is what you want. Missile pods for example, are excellent. Markerlighted missile pods will eliminate a squad at a time, which means you only really need two or three turns to remove them from the board with ease.

Markerlight guided submunition rounds remove all the models in a squad... instantly.

Do -not- get into close combat with them, unless you're feeding them Kroot.

  • (1) Shoot them far away
    (2) Shoot them with multiple shots where possible
    (3) Mass volume instead of AP
    (4) Focus fire until the squad is gone
    (5) If you have markerlights, use them!
    (6) Make good use of 2 inch coherency

Good luck! Not that you should need it
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Default Re: Harlequins

wel that's rather simple...if he's just taking straight troops and no vehicles. Fire warriors, Fire Warriors, Stealth Suits,and Fire Warriors. the rest should be rather simple. oh yeah. Shoot his Solitaire if you can...but obviously shoot his closest squads first. I don't think i'm gonna say anymore because i'd be repeating what everyone else says.
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Default Re: Harlequins

j/w, what are Harlequins? and where can I find there codex?
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Default Re: Harlequins

This should explain:
There are links for rules e.t.c..

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Default Re: Harlequins

any one have a real pic of what the mini look like ?
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Default Re: Harlequins

Look in the showcase board. We have a recent new member who posted his fantastic harlie minis, including a wraithlord on a unicycle.
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