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Landing Gear
Closed Thread
Old 03 May 2008, 22:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Landing Gear

This is probably something asked alot. But didnt see anything pertaining to it in search.
I never usually use Hammerheads and I was using my nidzilla aginst two Tau players. I managed to immoblilize one that moved 12" and he told me it was alive because of landing gear. I understand it can ignore crew stunned but I didnt think it could against immobilized.
So the NEWBISH question is, is immobilized ignored with landing gear after moving 12"?
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Default Re: Landing Gear

Ok that's ALL wrong.

The landing gear lets you not count as a skimmer at beginning of one of your turns, so instead of moving, you land and block line of site. That's it :P
The decoy launchers allows you to re roll immobilized hits on the glancing table.

Can't ignore stunned at all..

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Default Re: Landing Gear

That is cheating and bad at it. No it is not next time ask them where in the codex. Decoy launchers ignoring stunned makes as much sense as a pulse rifle being a close combat weapon.
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Old 04 May 2008, 01:43   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Landing Gear

Well a pulse rifle could be used to hit someone...
Without decoy launchers that hammerhead was dead.

My question is, did the other one also cheat or just not know much about landing gear?
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Default Re: Landing Gear

I have some friends in [sup]the[/sup] family. In the mob, cheating is not tolerated. we could arrange an unfortunate but accidental fall down a flight of stairs or an an elevator shaft.
You just lost the game

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Default Re: Landing Gear

Totally off topic Mobius. I suggest you find the SPAM thread in the Enclave and explain your family.

My question is, can you move THEN deploy the landing gear?
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Old 04 May 2008, 02:37   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Landing Gear

Nope. It has to be at the beginning of the turn.
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Default Re: Landing Gear

it seems to me like there is one simple solution...

1) find this guy
2) have a long drawn out conversation about something unrelated while you walk
3) you lead him along a short pier or on the edge of a building while you walk
4) you go home after he falls to his death/drowns
5) you tell the cops you had nothing to do with it

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Default Re: Landing Gear

So it has to be used at the beginning of the turn and the unit counts as a normal vehicle for the turn as opposed to a skimmer.

If this is right then I think it's about time this thread was locked before it goes further off topic. As much as we want to hear what happens to cheats this just isn't the place.
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Closed Thread


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