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Need help in planning the greatest fight ever
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Default Need help in planning the greatest fight ever

Tommorow, I will be fighting a force that seems to have it all and I need some help.

I will be fighting a Eldar and Grey Knights army. I know thats illegal, but it is just a fun game amoungst friends. Other than that, it is all by the rules.

Here is what I am facing
Farseer using Eldrad Ulthran rules
2 squads of 6 Harlequins each with Troupe Masters (the farseer will join one of these groups to protect himself)
2 squads of Guardians with Warlocks and Support Platforms using Missle Launchers
Dire Avengers with Exarch
Dark Reapers with Exarch
Falcon with all upgrades and various weapons
Fire Prism with all upgrades and various weapons

Grey Knights
Grand Master with Terminator and so much wargear Im not even going to bother with it except I know he does not put Icon of the Just on him so no 4+
2 Squads of Grey Knights with 5 in each, both with Justicars with Psybolts
Inquisitor with Retinue of 2 Veteran Imperial Guard and 1 Acolyte
Most likely and Orbital Strike

Here are my concerns.
1. This force has my Tau beat in durability, mobility, can almost match my fire power and of course has me beat in melee.
2. This force has alot of cheap guys(Guardians, Dire Avengers) mixed with alot of tough guys(Grey Knights). What this means is that if I equip my suits with Plasma its over kill for the cheap units and I may not be able to kill enough with them those few shots, when they return fire they are going to shoot back with alot of weak shots which can wear me down.
3. I found any Tau Army, including mine lacks mass anti-tank fire needed to really destroy Holo-field vehicles. So, I will have just to hit them once per turn and hope for a high result.
4. I am quite certain the Grey Knights will lead the charge so I cannot shoot past "the shrouding" and will constantly have to roll for shrouding.

Here is what my army can bring to bear
1. Shas'o
2. Bodyguards for the commander
3. 12 Fire warriors with Shas'ui
4. Devilfish
5. Stealth Suits (3)
6. Crisis Suits (3)
7. Hammerheads (2)
8. Sniper Drone Teams (3)
9. Broadsides (3)
10. Drones include, Gun Drones (4) Shield Drones (4) Marker Drones (3)

Because I am allowing them to use Grey Knights and Eldar, I am using 4 heavy support choices.

The game type will be Cleanse. Here is my current strategy

Since all of the Grey Knights and all of the Eldar will be useless on turn one(except for vehicles, and yes I plan to deploy pretty far away) because of range, I plan to lay into the Eldar Vehicles pretty hard and hopefully destroy some of their weapons, or if I am really lucky the vehicles themselves. The firing will be done by my broadsides.

I really dont know what to do with my Battlesuits. I know I am going to give my Shas'o plasma rifle and both his bodyguards twin-linked plasma rifles for killing the Grey Knights. Other than that, I dont know what to give the other.

First turn, I will most definately drop a railgun submunition on the Dark Reapers. If the first shot doesnt kill them all I may even hit them with the other hammerhead as well.

Other than these, Im not sure how best to fight this battle. Any advise is much appreciated.
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Default Re: Need help in planning the greatest fight ever

How about Missile pods and Seeker missiles? With MPs you could get more shots off. Against eldar I have found them guite usefull.
Originally Posted by The Man They Call Jayne
As for heavy support, MOAR RAILGUNS is right.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need help in planning the greatest fight ever

Well... equipping your shas'o with a cyclonic Ion blaster is quite handy in this match. The AP4 lets it cut straight through Eldar armour (with assault 5 this counts) and in case you're feeling lucky you can always hope for the 6 against termies or Grey Knights.

You have alot of powerarmour killers. 2 hammerheads and 3 Broadsides can do damage, but let them focus on the vehicles. However the sniper drone team consists of 3 markerlights and 9 S6 AP3 shots which is very damaging for powerarmour, so overequipping on the plasma with your battlesuits might leave you slow against the eldar.
Also, you have only 1 squad of fire warriors. This might be a little on the low side.

How the battle should go... as you said, focus your Broadsides on the vehicles and damage them! Hammerhead can submonition into an eldar troupe. Last HH can clean up the mess of one of the previous mentioned HS. The sniper drone team does what it's supposed to do: snipe. Preferably on the Grey Knights, but since each is a seperate unit you can aim one at the eldar for pinning purposes. Stealths need to harass the eldar with the armourvalue of 5. They are good at this. Crisis will go for whatever is deadliest at the moment (maybe one crisis as monat and equipping him with twin linked fusion, deepstrike at Eldar vehicles). A devilfish is pretty useless considering you only have 1 FW sqaud, but on the other hand, stick it with them and they can flee or FoF the remains of some eldar.

Maybe equipping the Broadside team leader with a plasma rifle and multi tracker? This hightens it's MEQ kills and the others can keep the SMS for the EEQ kills.
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Default Re: Need help in planning the greatest fight ever

Equip the Devilfish with SMS, and th Hammerheads with either SMS or burst cannons, depending on how close you want to get. Give the XV8s twin-linked missile pods. This will enable you to take out the eldar tanks, has two shots at AP4 to take out the Eldar, and with twin-linked, has the accuracy and strength to get a lot of wounds on the Grey Nights. Force him to make enough saves, and he will fail.
It's time to toss the dice.
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