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Ninja'el/vre - a decent choice?
Old 01 May 2008, 16:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Ninja'el/vre - a decent choice?

Having looked at taking a shas'o with airbursting frag, missile pods, stimms, retro thrusters and a HW multi tracker but baulked at the cost (132pts), Im looking for something cheaper and came up with these two configurations... has anyone tried these in the past with success?

Shas'el - 107
airbursting frag, missile pods, stimms, retro thrusters and a HW multi tracker

(sure, hes not so good in combat but at least hes 25pts. less, more justifiable since he's going to be moving up the board into danger. plus the missile pod will be handy when he sees the sides and rears of enemy tanks...)

Shas'vre - 84
airbursting frag, FLAMER, stimms, retro thrusters and a HW multi tracker

(He's cheap and deals out a stupid number of flaming type hits, but hes short ranged and doesnt have IC status to help him survive as he moves up the board)

What do people think? Can these ninjas be effective?
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Default Re: Ninja'el/vre - a decent choice?

I am not sure they would have the require durability. If a Ninja configuration can't reliably survive the first turn of combat, it is just giving free movement to the enemy when it was supposed to be tying them up. It really needs to be able to survive for at least two turns to be worth taking. Otherwise, it won't get the chance to use the Thrusters anyway.
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Default Re: Ninja'el/vre - a decent choice?

If he's gonna be a monat, he needs a shield somehow. Especially if he's worth even the fewest point option.
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Default Re: Ninja'el/vre - a decent choice?

From Personal Experience, A Ninja must be a Shas'O for a few reasons:
-The Extra wound might mean the difference between half and full VP for the enemy
-The Extra attack just might finish off that last heavy weapons Guardsmen
-THE WS, this is the most important, it means you'll be getting hit on 4+ against marines, to illustrate how important this is, look a 10 marines and 10 Fire Warriors, how often do marines hit their targets with their boltguns compared to firewarriors?

Im not a fan of the Shield generator, if the target has a Powerfist, Power Weapon, Warscythe or an Instant Kill weapon then you shouldn't be assaulting it in the first place. Stim Injectors combined with the 3+ Armour save is mathematically equivalent to a 2+ armour save so Iridium armour is not so neccessary but if you are bold enough to take both then feel free.

For the gun, tailor it to the target you'll be assaulting but i load my ninja with a Flamer and Cyclic Ion Blaster.
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