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[BatRep] Tau vs tyranids, demons, and tyranids
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs tyranids, demons, and tyranids

My Friendly Neighborhood Game Store hosted a 1500 point 3-round tournament last Saturday. I didn't have a chance to take notes or pictures, but here are the battle reports to the best of my memory. I used the following army for all 3 battles.

HQ: Shas'O with Plasma Rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, and two bodyguards with Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster. All three suits had shield generators, 1 shield drone, and a hard-wired multi-tracker.

Troop 1: 10 Firewarriors with pulse rifles, a squad leader with markerlight and target lock, attached to my favorite warfish configuration (smart missiles, multi-tracker, TA, Decoy Launchers).

Troop 2: 10 kroot and 3 kroot hounds.

Elite: Two crisis suit deathrains (twin missile pods, and a flamer)

Heavy Support 1: Skyray with burst cannons, Multi-tracker, Decoy Launchers, and a TA.

Heavy Support 2: 3 broadsides with Plasma Rifles and Multi-trackers. One suit was a squad-leader with 2 shield drones and a target-lock.

Fast Attack 1:
A full 8-tau pathfinder squad. One was a squad-leader with a target lock, and two had rail rifles. They had a warfish identical to what the fire warriors had.


First round: City terrain, tyranids, Gamma Cleanse mission.

This one's a little fuzzy in my head, but I'll do my best. My opponent had a full squad of biovores with the AP3 mines, 2 or 3 zoanthropes, a hive tyrant, 2 deep-striking spore mines, a squad each of termagaunts, hormagaunts, and gargoyles. I think there was a carnifex and might have been a single squad of genestealers.

With all the buildings in the way, there wasn't much for line-of-sight, which is why I always hate city fights. Also, my list was skewed toward good AP a bit more than horde, and he didn't have very many hard targets for my broadsides and such. Early in the round, one of the monstrous creatures decimated my pathfinders with a Barbed Strangler and pretty much took them out of the battle. The carnifex crashed into the kroot, killing about half of them and forcing them to retreat. They had a chance to regroup on the way out but I failed the morale check which let them reach the table edge. The broadsides killed the carnifex once the kroot left him exposed, and I think did the same for the tyrant at some point. My warfishes, as usual, did an excellent job of killing the biovore squad that thought they were safely out of danger behind a building. Smart missiles killed all three in two rounds. My HQ squad ended up at the wrong end of the battlefield with not much to shoot at besides hormagaunts. For a couple rounds I was able to dance at the edge of their range and pick a few off, but in about the third my opponent rolled 6's for both the move through cover and fleet and was able to catch them. Crisis suits are tough, but not that tough, and they died. The skyray was skimming around the opposite edge of the battlefield and killed a fair number of termagaunts, but not much else. The battle ended after turn 4 when we ran out of time, and it was close in Victory Points. Unfortunately, I hadn't kept track of time and didn't realize there wouldn't be a turn 5, so my skyray didn't make it to a scoring table quarter. I lost that round to a very close 280 or so point margin, which a scoring skyray would have probably turned into a draw.

part 2 continued in next post.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs tyranids, demons, and tyranids

Part 2, demons: 1500 point secure & control, 3 loot counters.

Nice open battlefield with hills and a few spots of rubble. Demons don't deploy at the start of battle like a normal army, so I had my choice of the battlefield. I set up the broadsides behind the crest of a hill at one corner, put the infantry in what cover I could find, and infiltrated the kroot on one of the loot counters. At my opponents turn 1 the demons started appearing. They were tzeentch demons, which are very shooty, and they had a mix of invulnerable saves. There was a Chosen of Tzeentch big one who eventually fell to a railgun and seeker missile fire, and a slightly smaller one that showed up later. That one also went down, I think to pulse and rail fire. On my left side of the field a squad of screamers or something attacked the broadsides, but the broadsides killed all but one at close range (rapid fire plasma rifles adding to the already formidable fire of the rail guns). The skyray tried to finish it off next round with a single burst cannon but rolled a bunch of ones. My HQ squad picked a fight with a larger and comparably dangerous squad of demons toward the middle left, and brought them down below half-strength at the cost of every suit except the commander himself. Apparently, even a Shas'O can be rattled when his entire squad dies around him, and he failed the morale check. He fell back toward the broadsides and the one remaining demon, ending just too close to it to be able to regroup. Another fallback put him off the table. Over on the other side of the table, another squad of demons shot up my kroot squad, but they held. I hadn't realized that I had the advantage in assault, so I took the 3 hounds as casualties. Since I charged them next round, that was a mistake, and those hounds might have saved my firewarrior squad down a couple of turns later when that demon squad attacked them.

When the dust settled, my skyray had taken one objective, and there were only two demon squads still on the field, both of them below half strength. I had a margin of victory of about 600 points: A high Solid Victory, but not enough for a Crushing.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs tyranids, demons, and tyranids

Part 3: more tyranids, Omega Take & Hold.

Few if any in the tournament had ever attempted an Omega level mission before, so there was a lot of confusion about which units could deploy under the Escalation rule. My opponent, who happened to also be my son, misinterpreted the status of his Broodlord as a monstrous creature and didn't deploy him at the beginning. I deployed what I could, which was the broadsides, the kroot (infiltrating into the forest), and the pathfinders (but not their transport). The army I faced consisted of 2 squads of genestealers (one with broodlord); a winged hive tyrant with lash whips, warp blast, and one other weapon; a slightly small squad of hormagaunts; 2 zoanthropes with warp blast; one lictor; a melee carnifex; and an artillery carnifex.

I won the roll, but chose 2nd turn hoping that one of the enemy units would move and I wouldn't have to roll night fighting. The zoanthropes stayed behind area terrain, and the genestealers moved up while trying to hide behind a building. On my turn my pathfinders were able to kill two of them that weren't quite in the building's shadow. In my opponents 2nd turn all his remaining units except the broodlord squad (which we still hadn't realized could come in) arrived. The hormagaunts and the flyrant charged up the middle behind terrain, and the carnifexes came up the right side of the board. Not much was in range since they had just arrived, but his lictor did an extremely risky but successful deep-strike into the terrain my broadsides were standing in. I had spread the kroot out to cover the forest and prevent him from appearing there. While the deep strike was successful, the attack on the broadsides was not. He didn't roll any rending hits, and the broadsides squad killed him in melee.

The hormagaunts mowed down the kroot, then headed for the pathfinders, and the fire warriors in their transport came out to meet them. I was able to make a skimmer wall out of my skyray and two devilfish, and drop the fire warriors off for my first ever successful Fish of Fury! Two markerlight hits from the pathfinders eliminated the cover save of shooting into the forest, and two more made the fire warriors hit on 2's. That and some fire support from one of the warfish finished off the hormagaunt squad.

In turn 3 my HQ squad arrived and successfully deep-struck within range of the tyrant and shooty carnifex. With railgun support from the broadsides they were able to take both of them out fairly quickly. In turn 4 or 5 the melee carnifex charged into the building to take the objective, but I was able to direct most of my fire at it. It finally died to a lucky pulse rifle shot from the fire warriors who were coming up to contest the objective. We called the game at turn 6 even though it was officially random game length, but it was ruled a Massacre. I had only lost a kroot squad and both weapons off one of the warfish, and my opponent had nothing on the field but his zoanthropes and about half of the broodlord squad.

The first-place finish in the tournament was veteran player, but new tau player, who plays a fairly static infantry-heavy list with human auxiliaries. 2nd place was an orc army. All I know about the orc army is that it had a weirdboy with the area effect cover save field. I think 3rd place was an Imperial Guard tank force.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs tyranids, demons, and tyranids

Nice battle in the tournaments. 1+ Karma.
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