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Aun honour guard
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Aun honour guard

I have a very simple question (probably stupid as well) about the Aun honour guard. It says in the rules that any unit the Aun joins become fearless, does this extend to the Aun's honour guard? And can they reroll any morale checks as per the inspiring rules if their not fearless?
One caste for the protection of our race,
for their skills and strategies will defend us all.

One caste for the construction of a safe place,
for without their technology our empire would fall.

One caste for our faraway travels,
for their ships will bring us through the galaxy.

One caste for the talking at all levels,
for their smooth words will pave our road to victory.

One caste to rule them all, one caste to guide them,
One caste to bring them all together, and in the era of the Montíau, bind them.

In our galaxy there will only be the Tauíva.
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Default Re: Aun honour guard

Any unit joined by the ethereal becomes fearless.. as it says in there rules :P
So no need to re roll morale checks as you auto pass them

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