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stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}
Old 18 Apr 2008, 22:49   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

steath suit should you Deepstrike i never done it but i want to know what you guys think
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

Depends on the situation entirely. Normally if you want better deployment for them infiltrating is enough, but deepstriking will put you close to your enemy, which is not something you desire with Tau. Plus, they miss out on a valuable round of Tau shooting.

The only unit I recommend deepstriking is a crisis suit/team with fusion blasters to deal with vehicles. But that's in a competitive sense. For kicks I tend to deepstrike more because it's so blatantly unpredictable.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

only if you expect to be able to pick off rogue troops, or tanks by turn 3-4. Otherwise infiltration can be flexible.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

Well most of the time I don't deepstrike as the people I have gone against before are quite good at leaving no weak spots in their army. This just leads me to deploying them as normal and then just focusing from a distance to take a bite out of one side of the force then inflict some serious harm after getting behind their lines.

So when you can see a nice weak flank then deep strike and exploit it or if none is offered just deploy as normal.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

I'd say it depends on the enemy. I would have to say that guard are the best to deepstrike these puppies against. A unit of 6 of these guys behind a guard line causes total chaos, especially when you're knocking out a unit per turn. And if they get charged, no sweat, the stealths get to go first plus they each get two attacks, not to mention the str 4 and the sweet armour save, they'll out last and outfight a guard unit in a hand to hand.

Against another army, it can get risky. I wouldn't recommend it against marines, or 'nids. You shouldn't even take a stealth unit against 'crons. It might work on orks, but they probably won't last long. Then theres dark eldar that don't usually even have a battle line at all, and eldar are just too risky with everything they've got going on.

So mainly guard, they'd be best to do it against. Overall though, I'd say just infiltrate.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

As the others have said, it depends.

But generally Stealths are always better off infiltrating and putting the pressure on enemy units early on in the game. In addition, any more fancier upgrades on them would really decrease the efficiency of the unit as a whole. The best setup is always just taking 4-6 of them with nothing but Burst Cannons.

The fusion blaster is nice, but when you really need to get the stealths really close for the Fusion blaster to have its best effect, and in the process negating the Stealth Shield Generator rule. However, I have seen Fusion-totting Stealths in action before and they tend to be in rather small squads but with targetting arrays on them, which make them cost as much as a squad of a much larger stealth team.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

Hmm... I just won a cleanse game vs. Eldar by doing just that. As soon as I saw his army, I knew that I'd have a huge amount of trouble winning in victory points, just due to our comparative setups. My severe lack of railguns and other AP 3 or better things vs. his Avatar and Wraithlord wasn't going to be fun.

So I left a bunch of things is reserve, waited for him to advance into my territory, than brought stuff into various weakly-defended corners, capturing his territory and winning (barely). It was pretty awesome. So, before you decide to deepstrike ANYTHING or not, just look at your opponent's army.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

I find that adding gun drones to the squad increases their efficiency but it makes the squads horrendously large and difficult to hide because the number of Gun Drones taken must equal or outnumber the number of suits taken to avoid the Majority armour save rules from affecting the Suits. Infiltrate always, Stealth field generators keep the Suits safe as long as distance is kept with the enemy, no sense risking being even closer the the enemy just for a couple of earlier shots by deepstrike.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

There is nothing I enjoy more than deep striking Tau. Bring them closer so that my WS3 Guardsmen can cut them to ribbons. ;D

Seriously. Deep striking anything other than some anti tank suits is a gift to your opponent.
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Default Re: stealth suit {Deepstrike or no Deepstrike}

Are you kidding me? WS3 on a guardsmen isn't going to win them anything in combat against stealths.

They'll eventually win because of the number of men you can throw into an assault.

I just played against a guard player like two hours ago. I cut apart 25 guardsmen with 5 kroot warriors. The 3+ armour save on the stealth team will keep them alive forever. Besides that the amount of guardsmen they'll kill on the turn they land will keep them safe for a little while before they get assaulted, not to mention that any smart tau player wouldn't leave them unsupported, I doubt you'd have anything left around them to assault them with.
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