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Two quick questions
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Default Two quick questions

Question number 1

If I have a unit of pulse carbines and five of them cause wounds. Is that five seperate pinning tests? 1 For each carbine or is it only one test for eachunit that casues pinning?

Question number 2

My squad leader takes ahard wired drone contoller and the upgrade that allows him to target a different unit. Do the drones fire with therest ofthe unit or do they target what their controller targets? Or do they have a choice ?

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Default Re: Two quick questions

1) Unfortunately it's still only one pinning test no matter how many carbines you bring in a unit.

2) This I'm not so sure, some one else will answer this for you. :P
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Default Re: Two quick questions

1) One pinning test per UNIT, so only one.

2) The Target Lock onlys works for the model equipped with it, therefore, only the Shas`ui can shoot at a different target (much like a TA on a Crisis Suit doesn`t affect his Drones).

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