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1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.
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Default 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

So yep, playing a standard (not speed freak) ork army Monday and wanted to take my Tau, wanted some pieces of advice as to what I should bring. I'm looking at going Kroot heavy for a change, as I'm rather low on battlesuits and think it would be amusing. Any recommendations for taking on Orks?
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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

If you're going Kroot-heavy, do everything you can to make sure you get the assault. Kroot should trash Orks on the assault (or at least hurt 'em pretty bad), but if the Orks get the assault, their Furious Charge will really flip things around.

Other than that, pretty much anything you might have will be nasty against the Orks. Railheads can knock out even their heaviest vehicle and then knock the snot out of infantry with submunitions. Missile Pods can kill transports and Kans/Dreadnaughts without too much trouble (provided you take a decent number of MPs). If you can keep your Firewarriors out of assault, their rapid-fire pulse rifle volleys can annihilate the Orks.

However, a couple things to watch out for. First, powerclaws (or powerfist, or whatever). It's stupid, but a single Nob can whip out 4-5 S8-S9 hits on the assault. One Nob can effectively destroy an entire Crisis Suit squad or also trash a tank. The fact that it hits last is pointless when you simply can't kill enough Orks in CC first to preserve your Suits. Also watch out for the Deathroller. It's vehicle mounted and can tank shock anything with a lower armor value for D6 automatic S10 hits. Skimmer rule doesn't affect it save for the damage rolls.

Keep in mind that depending on how stuff goes with your Kroot, your opponent will probably end up whining about not being able to get you into CC. Aside from his one Waagh! fleet move, most Ork units are pretty slow. Crisis Suits and Vehicles will be able to outrun them pretty easy and pound them the whole time.
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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

If you do have skimmers you could always try flechette dischargers as an ork player will rarely pass up the opportunity to charge, it causes a wound on a 4+on all engaged models, and with orks crap armour save can do some serious damage. Also as was pointed out an Embedded nob has enough powerfist attacks to make hitting your tank not all that difficult (and at strength 9 it can get through most armour easily enough), it makes him pay dearly if he wants to try it.
I recently killed over 40 orks in one round with this upgrade.

As for a krrot heavy list I would suggest infiltrating away from him and shooting each turn till he gets close enough to charge. (In cover is always good).

Watch out for Weirdboys/warpheads. Some of there powers can be quite annoying even if they are random.
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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

The main thing you should do is go Mech Tau. When you are ready, disembark them behind the devilfish so they can shoot, but cant be assaulted right away(the devilfish is in the way). Also just focus on the speedy stuff is truks or stormboys. Hammerheads with railguns are good because the big blast can wipe out a LOT of ork boys in 1 shot.

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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

I'm not quite sure how to deal with goths, but.....
Orcs are easily out maneuvered if they aren't speed freaks and don't have many bikes.
Try to get your transports around the orc waves, shoot and retreat.
Never and I say NEVER let the ork waves hit you with a 50%+ strength unit.
They will absolutely rip you in close combat (especially if they furious charged you first).
It's O.K to lose an objective in turns 3/4 simply because: in 2 turns the orks in close combat can obliterate you forces, no sweat so even if are forced to retreat an objective you can always come back in turn 5/6 with rapid fire range and shoot the orks away easily.
Try to use your kroot to detour the main ork strike force, this delaying tactic can increase your units shooting phases which is absolutely essential in fighting orks.

I mean it really doesn't matter if you sacrifice a few kroots for the greater good of the Tau!
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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

Good advice so far, sionnach19. Ork Power Klaws can be a bane for Tau vehicles, but they can only hit a moving skimmer on a roll of a six on a D6. With the typical Ork Nob in an Ork Mob getting five attacks on the charge, the odds are in the Tau player's favour.

Flechette Discharges are the Tau counter to Nob wielded Power Claws by Ork Mobz.

Now a fully decked out Nob Mob can be a different kettle of fish. In a 1500 point game you may see one. It could look like this ...............

Ten Nobz on Bikes equipped with and Stikbombz, Cybork Bodies and Eavy Armour.

Add One Waaagh Banner and a Painboy (with a Grot Orderly), Sluggas for all 10 Nobz, three Big Choppas, and three Power Claws.

Stack on a Warboss on a Bike with Cybork body, eavy armour, Power Claw, Slugga, attack squig, Bosspole and stikkbombz and you have a Grand total of an 860 point unit that can ..........

.......... move 12.0" assault 6.0" and Turboboost if required ......... on the assault get 20 Strength 5 attacks, 15 Strength 7 attacks, 15 Strength 9 Power Claw attacks (the last three all at WS5) and 7 Strength 10 Power Claw attacks at a WS6 .......... Have a 4+ armour save and a 5+ invulnerable save .......... Have the Feel No Pain rule where they eliminate (on average) half of the wounds made on them. And one free Feel No Pain Reroll per game.

The Warboss grants a leadership of 9 to the Mob.

Doesn't sound like your opponent is crazy enough to field a point hogging unit of this nature in a 1500 point game. That is good news. Because short of a failed leadership save, there's not much that can crack this type of unit. I've seen these Nob Bikers sweep a Tau Gunline.

If your opponent has Lootas, that would be another unit to give some special attention to. It's one of the few Ork units that can actually outshoot the Tau.

Kroot are an excellent unit, especially when they are in cover. I'm honestly surprised that most Tau players don't take more than a single unit of them.

Hope that this is of help ....... in turning your Ork opponent into an even tougher one to beat in the long term!

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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Default Re: 1500 point game vs. Orks, would appreciate advice.

Game is on Monday, hopefully tomorrow I shall post the list I am using and afterwards I'll give you guys the low down on what happened (and what to do vs. Orks)

Thanks a ton for everyone's help. It's good stuff!
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