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To use the flying stand or not?
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Old 19 Apr 2005, 05:58   #1 (permalink)
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Default To use the flying stand or not?

How many of you actually use the flying stands for their Crisis suits, and how many of you dont? And for what reasons if you feel its revelant?

I started out not using them because I thought they would make my Suits larger targets, but when I tried it out (with the highest rod) I found it really dident make my model that much higher. So broken ankles being the irritation they are I decided I would disregard the extra hight issue. Any of you model you suits on the ground to make them a smaller target?
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

I use a mixture but use the flying sticks on regular bases when I do a "flying" suit b/c I like having a fully flocked/finished base. I don't think the height difference has made a difference except in the odd situation.
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

I tend to use the flying stand more often than not; the Crisis suits should have a presence that just "standing" doesn't convey... Not to mention how fragile the connection often is.
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

But should you use the flying bases also or the black ones????
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

The flying stand doesn't really make a difference.. I just use the normal black bases with a clear rod on it..
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

I never use flying stands (except on Gundrones/Shield drones). No Crisis Suits, not even my Vehicles.

I don't like flying bases for these huge models because when you play with them long enough, they get broken... over and over. And not just by me, but by other people bumping the tables and shaking them off terrain to bounce around the table or to the floor, etc, whatever you wish.

I put all my models on a base--and it's weighted down with metal; Be it little fishing weights, or just nickels glued into the bottom.
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

I use about half and half, but I like the non flying ones more. I was playing a 600pt. game with one of my friends (I tried all kroot with 3/4 battlesuits, he had two squads of 10 space marine w/ missile launcher and a dreadnought) and my non flying battlesuits fitted perfectly in this one piece of terrain, while the flying one went over it and in the end got it killed :-\
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

So far no flying bases for me either... I try to pose the suits on the black bases suck that they look like they're either jumping or landing to give them a more animated look. That seems to pull it off more convincingly then suspending the suit on a rod...

I just haven't seen any examples of Suits posed on clear plastic rods that didn't look a little goofy...even some of the more thought out conversions, complete with killer paint jobs....

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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

Interesting, i myself use the rods from flying stands with a large base or do not use flying stands at all, for me i have denoted this on rank as my Farsight model and my Shas'el are both standing portraying a dominance over my other models, whereas the flying Crisis are all actually looking like they are doing something, plus that way it makes my two figure pieces stand out more (Farsight and my Shas'el).
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Default Re: To use the flying stand or not?

I didn't use the flying bases for any of my normal crisis, but I did use one for one of the Forge World suits.* I find it is a good idea not to glue the flying base to the battlesuit.* That way you can switch between the flying base and the regular base with a clear post.* You just have to be careful when you pick it up.

On another note, I have a Pegasus Knight from Fantasy with part of a flying base post rattling around inside. It is maddening, and you shouldn't let it happen to to your suits!
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