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good commander builds
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Kroot Warrior
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Default good commander builds

I just picked up a second battlesuit commander and I was wanting to know how some poeple equipe their commanders other than the standard fireknife (a little to cookie cutter for me). what seems to work and what doesn't work?.
I am maby thinking of doing something like:
shas'el, ion, airburst, TA, HWMT. for 100 points.
I could see him pumping out some major anti infantry/horde firepower at medium/short range. how do you think this would work? or are you better off switching the airburster in for a plasma? (alredy have a unit of 3 helios suits and a duce of ionheads for MEQs)
also what are some of your favorite builds for commanders?.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: good commander builds

Personally, I like twin-linked weapons. I find them both cheaper and more effective. I normally have either twin-linked pulse rifles or twin-linked missile pods. The plasma are great for MEQ's, but horrible for horde. The missile pods are great for almost anything. Two twin-linked strength 7 shots is nothing to scoff at, even if you are playing against marines, and extra shots helps against horde. I normally also give him shield generator, hard-wired drone controller with two shield drones, hard-wired blacksun filter, and stim-injector. If he is a deathrain, I'll give him a Target lock so I can take out more transports.
I normally give my bodyguards the same configuration with Targetting arrays instead of shield generators, no drone controller, and no stim-injector.
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Default Re: good commander builds

I like the plasma rifle, missile pod and fusion gun and a hard wired multitracker, has ling range weapons then up close has three terminator killing shots ;D

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Default Re: good commander builds

I usually use a Shas'el with Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Targetting Array, and a hardwired Multitracker, he costs 100 pts, and is the only dedicated anti TeQ in my 1750 army (only other source of ap2 weaponry is 2 piranha's, and 2 broadsides). Up until now, he has performed great
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Default Re: good commander builds

I generally use an 'El with twin linked plasma rifle and shield generator.
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Default Re: good commander builds

Helios! Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster. Usually I field a shas'el helios with targeting array and hardwired multitracker. Sometimes I'll go with a Shas'o and shieldgen or replace the Plasma with a cyclic ion blaster.

There's also the fairly popular "ninja'o", which I've never tried. Something like shas'o with CIB, shieldgen, vectored retro thrusters, and stim injector.

The commander will have a role to fill based on what else is in the army. Figure out what the rest of your army will have trouble with (horde, tanks, terminators, whatever) and build your HQ to cover that weakness.
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Default Re: good commander builds

I feel that the best commander builds tend to be either the all-rounder 2-weapons configs (eg: Fireknife, Helios) or the unique specialist builds (eg: Aurora, Ninja'O). The best commander builds are probably those that take advantage of the commander's unique stats, particularly the high BS (Aurora, Fireknife, Helios) or their access to special equipment like the CIB or VRT.

I personally use the Fireknife'El, which might be a bit unoriginal, but is a pretty potent long-range sniper, and is the easiest to keep alive. I wouldn't put an AFP on HQ suits though, since it kinda wastes their high BS stat.
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Default Re: good commander builds

There are two variants of the 'O commander I regularly use in battles above 1000 points.

Variant 1: Shas'O w/ CIB, plasma, FB, HW MT (127 p)
Variant 2: Shas'O w/ CIB, plasma, ML, HW MT, HW BSF (130 p)

The first one is a close support suit, which usually hunts heavy/medium armored infantry at the frontline (behind own units of course) or in support of an important objective/own unit (Broadsides, Pathfinders e g). The FB is good for instakilling or for keeping annoying vehicles away, but otherwise it usually fires plas/CIB if the targets toughness isn't to high.

The second variant is more of a hang around in the back and support at longer range.

Of the two I have more and more come to use the first one. I have learned to be aggressive with him, which works very well as long as you don't over extend.

As you can see I really like the 3 weapon loadouts, since they give my BS5 commander greater flexibility to change duties during the battle.

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