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Tank Shocking skimmers question
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Default Tank Shocking skimmers question

I'm not entirely sure if this goes here but I'm pretty sure it can't go anywhere else. I searched for this but couldn't find anything that either answered my question or was younger then the 4Th edition rule book. I know that skimmers can tank shock just like normal tanks against units out in the open but what about units in cover? I know that skimmers usually ignore cover all together by flying right over it and therefore would make tank shocking a unit in cover impossible. On the other hand tau vehicles can take sensor spines that allows them to move through cover. Could this allow the tau skimmers to tank shock a unit in cover? If so then would the skimmer need to take any tests, such as to see how far it can move or if it crashes, or would it just zip through the cover as if it is hovering over it?
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Default Re: Tank Shocking skimmers question

I believe it has to enter the terrain to Tank Shock, which means taking a Dangerous Terrain test. If you plan to do this with Tau vehicles, the Sensor Spines actually become useful.
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Default Re: Tank Shocking skimmers question

Unfortunately I don't thinks been addressed by GW, even in the FAQ. (may be wrong on that one if they've updated it)
My take on it is that the skimmer has to take a dangerous terrain test. On a 1 it gets immobilised (decoys can't help, you hit a fricking tree). If you don't crash and burn, tankshock works as normal.

If you have sensor spines you can ignore the dangerous terrain test.
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Default Re: Tank Shocking skimmers question

Thanks for the info. Now a slightly out of this forum question. (the reason I wasn't sure if this goes here) What about elder star engines being used to tank shock? Would they roll an additional dice for every 6 inches for a total of 6 dice to test for 36 inches? Would they only be able to tank shock at a maximum of twelve inches?
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