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[BatRep]Battle of Eurymedon Fords - 1250pts Tau vs Ultra Marines
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Default [BatRep]Battle of Eurymedon Fords - 1250pts Tau vs Ultra Marines

Tau - Cal'Vral'Ru'La Kau'Ui - Commanded by Majonga
HQ - Shas’O Savon & Bodyguard
Elites - Crisis Team, Stealth Team
Troops - 1st Carabineers, 2nd Rifles, Shaper Bob's Kroot
Heavy Support - Broadside Shas'vre, Broadside Shas'vre

Space Marines - 6th Company Ultramarines - Commanded by Lowraj
HQ - Librarian & Terminator Bodyguard
Troops - Tactical Squad One, Tactical Squad Two, Tactical Squad Three
Fast Attack - Assault Squad
Heavy Support - Dreadnought Ancientius Maximus

Secure and Control
Deep Strike
6' by 4' board

Following the retreat from Medusa V, the Tau expeditionary force was pushed back to the planet of Naxos by an attacking force from the Ultramarines Chapter. The Neoptolomy Hive, the capitol of the planet Naxos became a major battleground. To halt continued Space Marine advances, the Tau destroyed the major bridges across the Eurymedon River, which runs through the Hive. This made the fords to the east of the city of paramount tactical importance.

The 2nd Cadre of Fi'rios was deployed to hold those fords against Space Marine attack. The 6th Company of the Ultra Marine Chapter was given the honor of taking the fords back from the Xenos. Three locations were heavily fought over during the battle. Firstly the "Statue of Guilliame", Primarch of the Ultramarines, in the Eastern Plaza, which the Ultramarines sacredly vowed to recapture from the Xenos, the "Central Ford", which was the only ford by which heavy materials and tanks could cross the river safely, and the "Sanguineous Heights", named after the statue of Sanguineous, Primarch of the Blood Angels which stood atop its summit. This overlooked the fords, and could act as a powerful firebase.

The Tau were first to arrive in the area, and so moved forward to set up defenses against the oncoming onslaught. The 2nd Rifles occupied a building which allowed them to cover the "Statue of Guilliame" to the west and the "Central Ford" to the east. They were supported by the 1st carabineers and a Broadside, who bunkered down on the other side of the street. The Tau intended to use the "Statue of Guilliame" as a lure to draw the often brash Marines out into the open. On the right flank Shas'O Savon secured the "Sanguineous Heights" also backed up by a broadside Shas’vre. Shaper Bob occupied the woods on the south side of the Central ford, intending to use that safe passage as a lure for the Space Marines.

The Space Marines however advanced cautiously, occupying two buildings across from the Tau and keeping in cover rather than storming into the open killing field around the "Statue of Guilliame". Similarly Tactical Squad Three formed up in the woods north of the "Central Ford", rather than advancing directly into Tau killing fields. Dreadnought Anceintius Maximus took up position in the woods on the other side of the river from the "Sanguineous Heights" using his lascannon and missile armaments he bombarded the Tau on the hillside. The situation was likewise across the battlefield as the Marines engaged the Tau at range keeping them pinned rather than forwardly advancing, heavy crossfire occurred in the city with the Tau broadside matching the strength of Space Marine missile launchers with its twin linked railguns.

The Tau were suspicious of the Space Marine tactic. They knew that the Marines were generally inferior in ranged combat, which meant they were waiting for something. The Tau suspicions were confirmed when a unit of Terminators teleported onto the southern side of the "Sanguineous Heights". This allowed them to bring heavy weapons down on the battlesuits which were sheltering in the hill's relief. Meanwhile the Ultramarine Assault squad made a daring charge across the open ground of the eastern plaza to assault the 1st Carabineers in their occupied building.

The Terminators brought down heavy fire on Savon and his units on the Heights. Savon himself was wounded, and a krak missile killed his bodyguard. Seeing the Commander in danger, Shaper Bob abandoned his position at the ford, leading an almost suicidal charge into the Terminators. While kroot could do little to hurt the heavily armored giants, the Terminators were forced to ceasefire on the hillside and defend themselves from the kroot. On the far left flank of the Tau army the Assault Squad stormed the lower level of the 1st Carabineer’s defenses, climbing through windows and smashing through doors, using frog grenades and photon grenades both sides fought blinded in a horrible melee. The Tau however was massacred by the hand to hand combat specialists, and the assault squad regrouped to attack the broadside Shas'vre on the second floor.

The Tau seemed in a dire situation as their line was broken by the Terminators and the Assault squad, the Space Marine advance was pushing them back. However hope arrived, as reinforcements deep striked onto the battlefield. A unit of Crisis suits landed and engaged Tactical Squad Three, on the north side of the "Central Fords". The Stealth Team landed in the ford itself, and assaulted Tactical Squad Two, driving it from its occupied building with heavy fire from five burst cannons.

With the arrival of reinforcements the Tau took up the Counter attack. Anceintius Maximus battled with Broadside Shas'vre Elan'Ka in a one on one battle of heavy weaponry. On the other side of the battlefield, the other broadside held off the Assault squad from gaining control of the building. However in classic Space Marine style the Ultramarines reformed and attacked again. Tactical Squad Three overwhelmed the assaulting Crisis Team. Shaper Bob's kroot were finally routed by the Terminators, despite having killed two of their number, this allowed the Terminators to attack up the hillside in a bid to wrest the "Sanguineous Heights" from the Tau. Tactical Squad Three now made a desperate bid to cross the river and link up with the Terminators battling on the Heights.

The battle now reached its final moments, as the Stealth team used the last of it fuel to jump to the south side of the river, and rain burst fire down on the horribly exposed Tactical Squad Three as it attempted to ford the river. The Space Marines were caught defenseless and were massacred. The 2nd Rifles advanced to secure the "Central ford", but with them gone and the Broadside tied up in hand to hand, Tactical Squad One was able to advance unimpeded and secure the "Statue of Guilliame". On the "Sanguineous Heights" Shas'O Savon took the Terminators head on, managing to kill one with a blast of his plasma rifle.

When the Stealth Team arrived on the hills summit instead of the Tactical Squad Reinforcement the Terminators had expected, the Space Marines accepted defeat. Despite securing Guilliame's statue and most of the city. With the Ford and the Heights securely controlled by the Tau, the Space Marines knew their attack had failed. Less than half of the assault force survived to regroup on the north side of the river.

The Space Marine Assault was well planned and avoided the obvious Tau kill zones. Using blitzkrieg methods they broke the Tau line and made good advances. However with the Arrival of Tau reinforcements, the Tau were able to reform their line and neutralize the Terminators and the assault squad. Due to the arrival of the Stealth team, assaults across the fords were turned into charnel houses of dead marines.

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