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Crisis names?
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Default Crisis names?

I've been flicking through the forums and there are several instances where people refer to a crisis suit as a 'deathrain' or 'Helios' now I realise these refer to the weapon fits but my question is, what do they mean specifically? Can anyone list me these so I know what people are on about? Or if there is already a topic about this already can someone point me in the right direction?

I just use suits as suits, I've never known they're given specific names.
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Default Re: Crisis names?

These threads deal with the most common Crisis names and other abbreviations used on the Tau board.

You`ll find threads like this and much more in the stickied topics at the top of the Tau Board.

But to answer your question:

The Crisis nomenclature has its origins in a WD-article, which can be found on the Net HERE: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/bat...figurations/1/

Most of these configurations suck, frankly, but some are rather useful, and are still used to this day. Here a couple of the most commonly used ones:

Fireknife: Plasma Rifle (PR), Missile Pod (MP), and Multitracker (MT). The most common and flexible Crisis configuration out there, but with sub-par accuracy.

Helios: PR, Fusion Blaster (FB), MT: Dedicated TEQ (= Terminator Equivalent) and MC (= Monstrous Creature) killer, but it, again, depends on Markerlights, much like the Fireknife.

Deathrain: Twin-Linked (TL) MPs: I, personally, call it the "new" Fireknife, since it seems to become more and more common these days. Good accuracy, high rate of fire and high strength make this the ultimate all-round weapon - the only stuff it has problems with are heavy vehicles (13-14), and 2+ saves.

Burning Eye: TL PR: A dedicated Marine and TEQ-killer.

Note that all the TL-configurations lack a third hardpoint; which means you have some measure of flexibility when it comes to further upgrades. Often used is the Targeting Array (TA) - BS4 TL means that 8 out of 9 shots hit, which gives your suits unrivalled accuracy, and makes them independent from Markerlights.
Other possible upgrades are Blacksun Filters (especially for Deathrains), Drone Controllers, or Flamers (Deathrains with Flamers are actually very cheap).

That`s just a small and limited look into the different Crisis configuration; there are a lot more out there (One of my favorites is the TL Flamer... ).

I`d advise you to magnetise your suits (http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=4208.0 is an excellent guide for this), which enables you to experiment with different configurations.


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Default Re: Crisis names?

Another thing, you don't actually need to magnetize suits. A few layers of paint will let the weapons fit perfectly into the slots and stay there without falling out, most of the time.
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Default Re: Crisis names?

Originally Posted by Korill
Another thing, you don't actually need to magnetize suits. A few layers of paint will let the weapons fit perfectly into the slots and stay there without falling out, most of the time.
Though that is true I think most gamers will magnitize their suits. It seems cooler! >
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Default Re: Crisis names?

i agree, magnets are so much cooler (and more advanced) than just poping them in and out ;D

and the tau need to be more advanced than the Gue'la scum

also this keeps weapons from flying across the room (it hase happened before)
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