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tau tactic
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Default tau tactic

hi, i am new to 40k and want to get the tau. i was wondering if i should play offensivly or defensivly. if i play defenivly then all my men would be in one big group. is that a smart idea? ???
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Default Re: tau tactic

Due to the nature of 40k, you're going to want to mix offensive and defensive options. You need some form of mobility to capture objectives, and you want the ability to shrug off enemy attacks.

I'd advise using your firewarriors in close formations(within 12" of each other) in cover. They have the firepower to shoot anything they want to death, and with a cover save they can stand up to heavy weapons. You want your units close by so that they can concentrate firepower on things approaching them. If a squad of marines is in assault range, you want them DEAD!

Beware of setting up where your opponent can consolidate from unit to unit after he assaults.

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Default Re: tau tactic

It all depends on what models you have avalible to you.

Since you are new I am assuming you are looking at collecting over time.
There are 3 main 'schools' of tau warfare.
Mech: Which is based around a fast moving hard hitting element, mainly Hammer heads, Mounted fire warrior teams, pirhana's and suits.
Static: Which is about maximising your firepower output, this style of play uses a largly stationary firebase. Made up of unmounted fire warrior teams, sniper drones and broadsides and suits and possibly pathfinders (markerlights being useful in static gunlines)
Hybrid" Which is basically a mixture of both mech and static.

All "schools" of war are effective.
I prefer, and play, the primarily offensive mech tau.
It is a fluid kind of in your face. Forcing the opponent to react to you due to high mobility. Also the ability to deny the usefullness of all anti infantry fire by virtue of mounting all your infantry or JSJ'ing it.Few things are more offensive than two units of firewarriors jumping out of devilfish an pumping 48 pulse shots into a unit. It is also very satisfying watching your opponents face as you pick up all those dice and casually mention they are all str 5

Anyway there are quite a few tacticas around in the stickies.They explain the differences between style more eloquently and fully than I can. I suggest you check them out.
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Default Re: tau tactic

Tyr makes a very good point. Collect over time. A box set is a good start but after that purchase slowly. proxy alot of different units and stick with one build for a few games to get an idea of what you're doing wrong and right. Dont glue your guns on your suits until you know what you want for sure. Also read the codex a few times and know your army stat wise befor you field them. Dont be upset if you lose Tau can be fickel and take awhile to learn.
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Default Re: tau tactic

I'm new to the game too, but so far I'm keen on avoiding static -- going either totally mech or pretty close.

The reason is that I do not want my opponent setting the terms of the battle. Maybe there are some good strategies to draw your opponent into your fire, but I know myself if I were playing static, I would find some way to take cover then take my time analyzing their layout and finding a weekness -- even if it would be deep striking a suicidal melee squad on his head and charging into the chaos that created. :\

But then again you can't knock concentrated fire...
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Default Re: tau tactic

Well, it is always best to use a hybrid list if you are a beginner, as they are perhaps the most forgiving among all the Tau Playstyles.

Some fast things along with a firebase and countercharging elements will bring you a long way indeed.
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Default Re: tau tactic

Hey Infidel,

I think you should have a strong set of both offensive and defensive tactics. You can't expect to win battles by just being one or the other.

As for Tau playstyles, I suppose you could say each style 'lends' itself to a certain way of playing, but I think you should probably not think about that until you get some game experience. Like Crisis was saying, going 'Hybrid Tau' would probably be good, since you'll have chance to try out a larger variety of units than you might starting out with either Mech or Static.
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Default Re: tau tactic

If you decide to have a large # of tanks remember that Tau are good at denying shots. The less shots fired at you the less chance of dieing. I recomed buying the battleforce (if you get the smaller one get a Hammer Head too). Also consider on the terrain you play on 90% of the time. Mech are good at a lot of cover (with sms), Hybrid either way and static with an average amount (avoid 'dustbowls' like the plaque!). Also consider your most common foes. If they are fast you want to be mech or hybrid. If they are slow moving assault force try static. Most importintly do what you are best at! I also recomed at looking at Mongolian calvary tactics and archery calvary tactics (long range, you can learn from history.)
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