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FoF Clarification
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Default FoF Clarification

This isn't solely related to Tau and the FoF but is most relevant to our FoF. I read and have heard moltiple times that you cannot go within 1 inch of a vechicle (including tanks without weapon skills) unless you are assaulting that vechicle. This is what I have alwasy heard and played by.

In a game last night with an experienced gamer, he had said that he had never heard of that rule. When explaining it to him, i was unalb eto locate anything in the rulebook that stated the 1 inch vechicle rule.

Am I right in playing by this rule?
Where can I find the rule in the future?

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Default Re: FoF Clearification

Page 15, under Movement range.

Clear black-on-grey

Glad to be of assistance,
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Default Re: FoF Clarification

Ah sure enough, thank you
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