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Kroot, gods amoungst orks
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Default Kroot, gods amoungst orks

Tonight I played a game with over 1500 points, and I had my first victorius slaughter against orks
I scored alot of points, but I also captured all table corners.

My kroot are as follows
16 Kroot Carnivore
10 Kroot Hounds
3 Krootox
1 Shaper
1 Converted Shaper model using Angkhor Prok rules

We rolled for game type, it was cleanse and I won first turn.

My first turn, using Crisis Suits and my Commander all with missle pods destroy all his trukks, so alot of his guys are now pinned or foot slogging. My broadside destroys his battle wagon. My hammerheads do so much damage to 2 shoota boy squads that they drop below 50% and retreat, never to rally. Using marker drones, I drop his warbikers cover save to 6+ and blast them with fire from more missle pods so he gets nothing but a 6+ save. The bikers also retreat, never to rally.

THIS WAS JUST TURN 1! I had already destroyed everything that made his guys fast. He pretty much said it was game over, and I agreed...

The next 2 turns are basically me blasting him even further into oblivion but on the 4th turn he finally gets to bring out his kommandos and assaults my poor Broadside which is destroyed and he consolidates dangerously close to my very expensive marker drone packed stealth team. But he fails to realize my huge kroot squad is well within assault range and in my next turn my entire kroot squad has the kommandos surrounded. While my stealth suits casually jump away.

We start the combat and it is an absolute slaughter, all 10 kommandos killed by the hounds before he can even fight back. By this time he has basically a few small groups of boyz who are fearless because of Waaaagh! and his Warboss with Meganobs (he also uses Ghazgul Urak Traka rules, so his warboss is worth alot of points). To his credit, he somehow manages to get me to chase his Warboss around (with 2 hammerheads, my commander and 3 crisis suits, yeah he is worth that many points) and manages to get 4 small groups of ork boyz into close combat with my kroot.

1 of the ork boy squads gets tied up by some gun drones which the orks quickly dispatch but 3 others, problably totaling around 14 boyz with some nobs, get into assualt with kroot. Once again it isnt pretty, my kroot hounds are position just right so on his assualt, I can hit with some hounds. 2 of the ork boy mobs lose close combat and 1 falls back (below 50% now, also waagh was declared in turn 2 this is now turn 4 so it has ended) the other passes its leadership with snake eyes(which I think is what he need to stay fighting because he was so outnumbered). The other mob beats the kroot in combat but with Prok they pass leadership and keep fighting and we pile in. It is now about 9 orks versus over 30 kroot.

Turn 5, starts with me. The 9 orks fighting are killed easily, but I rolled suprisingly low, so I ended up killed the last ork with my last few attacks. I consolidate into the orks that where fighting the drones and lock them. By this time my commander, fire warriors in devilfish, hammerheads, crisis suits and stealth suits are all just moving towards table corners to capture them as big mek, and his warboss and meganobs are now dead. His turn, we finish the combat with the orks and they are killed.

Over all, he kills 4 gun drones and a broadside

I kill all of his guys, no survivors, I even killed the shoota boyz as they where falling back.

I can say, getting first turn and nuking his trukks and bikers did serious damage, but my kroot did some major damage, and people bash them alot, but I say...

If your playing Orks, Kroot are gods amoungst Orks. Do you agree? If not what allowed me to dominate?
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Default Re: Kroot, gods amoungst orks

Sounds to me it was the Tau shooting that rocked. you took out all his speedy elements in the first turn, leaving him with nothing but footsloggers. That is just what you needed to win the rest of the game.

Armies that invest in mobility are hurt VERY badly by losing their mobility.
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Default Re: Kroot, gods amoungst orks

I do know that batreps often report very positively on Kroot usage. Kroot are pretty darn useful in their niche, which is where they were. They hold up to orks in melee surprisingly well... cover saves, a large mob and decent skills make them seem divinely inspired compared to the Tau, and Infiltrate doesn't hurt.

It's nice, too, because you can mire them up, but even if you don't even get scrummy, they have weapons skills and weapons that can be pretty slaughterifically helpful.

I mean, people come at Tau with their least horde-y armies, usually. They want to catch you and/or shoot you because they know you are usually highly mobile or have a hard-to-breach static fireline. Your Kroot are therefore comparatively horde-y. People don't usually plan for half-decent HTH when fighting Tau, so a pile of Kroot can ruin their day.
Scary Tau.
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Default Re: Kroot, gods amoungst orks

I do like kroot myself, but your main victory there was you're shhoting, although the kroot did help you.
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