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Batrep, 1000 pt Tau + 1000 DE VS 2000 pt Necrons
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Default Batrep, 1000 pt Tau + 1000 DE VS 2000 pt Necrons

OK so last Tuesday me and my brother headed out to a game night at the local GW. We were looking to play a friendly game and both of us usually prefer to play 1 on 1, however, since I was left without an opponent, my brother suggested we make it a 2 VS 1 game, he and I would team up and take down 2000 pts of Necrons.

Oh lordy what fun there was to be had.
The guy we played is notorious for moaning about rules and generally prefers to use his own rules, rather than those "suggested" by the rulebook. I hadn't played him yet, but my brother had, so he had little patience for it.

The lists:
Lord w/ res. Orb
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Flayed Ones
10 Flayed Ones
10 Flayed Ones
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
1 Monolith

Dark Eldar:
Lord on Skyboard
10 Wyches in Raider
10 Wyches in Raider
2 Talos
1 Ravager

Iron Man AKA Shas'O'D'yi'ka (Commander Asskicker XD) (Shas'O w/ Plasma, Cyclic, Shield, Stims, Hard Multi)
XV8 (Fusion, Plasma, Targetting, Leader, Hard Multi)
6 Fire Warriors (EMP, Photon, Bonding, Carbines)
6 Fire Warriors (same) in Warfish
1 XV88 (D'yi, Plasma, Hard Multi, Leader, Hard Drone, Marker Drone)
2 XV88 (TA, Leader, Hard Drone, Shield Drone x2)

Oh yes, this was going to be an awesome battle.
The field: consisted of only buildings, our opponent kept trying to use cityfight rules, while neither me nor my brother play that, we insisted on keeping it simple and treating walls as being solid, thus keeping anyone from looking through them, our opponent insisted on treating it all as area terrain. For the hell of it we asked a third party for their opinion, they said to just go ahead and treat it as area terrain. So we did, not like we really cared, since we skim and he footslogs.

The mission:
Gamma level seek & destroy. Sort of.
He insisted on just blowing each other to scrap. Which is quite brilliant, why waste time paying attention to mission objectives and such? Ah well. He also insisted on keeping a 12" deployment zone, instead of 15" and 24" apart as S&D states. Whatever, we just wanted our game.

We deploy our forces, his monolith would deepstrike later and his flayed ones all infiltrated the field. I opened fire lanes for my broadside, the loner stood on a building as a ridiculously powerful sniper, while the team of 2 hid out in some area terrain. Skimmers hid behind terrain along with the suits. Fire Warriors were kept in the open as a distraction and potential meat shield. DE hid behind terrain entirely as it should.

We won turn 1. Shadaisy.

Hammerhead and Ravager move out to tag team a Warrior squad. Lord raced forward and wanted to rumble with a party of 10 Flayed Ones. One Wych squad raced over to another Flayed squad for some more fun too. Devilfish moved to the side, where the Wraiths were, but out of SMS range. It'd bring fire support for the Wyches. Talos's scurried over towards a huge block of 2x10 Warriors.

Shooting saw an entire Warrior squad go down thanks to combined gunfire. The Devilfish killed a Flayed one for the Wyches, a Raider Dark Lance killed another and that was it.

Charges were made, the Wyches ripped the 9 Flayed Ones to shreds, while the Lord killed 4 more Flayed Ones, only to fail his 2+ inv. save when they struck back, promptly losing it.

Out of the 10 deceased Warriors 4 stood back up. Shnazzy.

The Destroyers raced forward, as did the Wraiths, 4 Warriors and 10 Warriors behind it. the 3rd Flayed Ones squad prepared to assault the Lord.

Shooting saw the Destroyers down the Hammerhead with a single glancing hit.
20 Warriors that were standing in front of the Wyches rapid fired and blew them to little gooey bits. Not very pleasant on the eye I can tell you. But I digress.

In combat the Flayed Ones charged the Lord. Who only managed to kill 1 of the remaining 6 before dying due to the volume of attacks.

Consolidation saw both Flayed Ones squads climb through windows and solid concrete walls into a building, getting too close to my Broadsides.

Turn 2:
Moved my footslogging Fire Warriors up ahead as bait. Devilfish went out to meet with the Wraiths. Suits jumped out to snipe the 4 Warriors. Raider pulled back and retreated to our deployment zone, to stay out of range. Full Wych raider stayed put still, waiting to pounce the flayed ones. Talos creeped further ahead.

Shooting downed all 4 Warriors and some random Warriors behind them. 1 Wraith received 1 wound from the SMS on the Devilfish. Fire Warriors shot at the Flayed Ones, but killed none. As expected.
Talos Wildfire actually killed 2-3 Warriors. A nice bonus.

2 of the 4 Warriors got up, all warriors from the other squad got up too. Monolith arrived and pretty much landed right next to my devilfish with EMP fire warriors in them. I nearly cried tears of joy. My dream was about to come true.
He teleported his Wraiths so they ended up behind the empty Wych raider. Ah well. Shooting was pretty spectacular. Warriors shot down the Ravager with again a single glancing hit. Destroyers killed a Shield Drone.
In assault the Wraiths killed the Raider with again, a single glancing hit. The Flayed ones charge my Fire Warriors. He kills 2, I kill 1, fail my test and get overrun.

Turn 3: Or: "Oh my God I can't believe that freakin' worked!"
My EMP Crack Suicide squad got out of their Devilfish and moved within charging range of the Monolith. I wasn't sure if I could charge so I checked with both my brother and my opponent, they both said I could. I cheered.

The Talos's arrived within charging range of the 2 full strength warrior squads. This rocked our respective socks off. The Wyches in the raider emerged to dance with the Flayed ones who were standing out in the open. The Broadside sniper shot at the 'lith, but barely scratched it. The other team shot down 2 Destroyers. Iron Man jumped out to shoot the Wraiths. He killed one and wounded a second, because he's that awesome.

In the assault phase 2 Talos's chewed their way through 15 Necron Warriors, while the Wyches cut down 5 Flayed Ones.
This ofcourse was all to be expected and such. But now came my moment of glory.

"My Fire Warriors charge your Monolith."
-"Whu? What do they have?"
"EMP Grenades. 4/5 Glance, 6 Pen"
-"What's their strength value?"
"4/5 Glance, 6 Pen."

6 attacks, 3 hit. 2 glance. I roll for the results. Stunned and Weapon Destroyed.

I burst out laughing, 6 fire warriors just managed to temporarily knock out a big bleeding Monolith. XD Oh yeah.

Somehow 2 of the 10 Warriors 1 Talos swiped got to stand back up. We were unaware that our opponent had a magical measuring tape (he measured 6" from the warriors to where he thought he kept his Lord last turn as this discussion came up in the movement phase, but measuring from where the lord stood we discovered that was 8" away. I wish my measuring tape worked that way. Ah well, we let him have his fun. By now he was going to get phased. Something I thought would be impossible with over 70 models. He teleported his 10 Warriors away and in front of the monolith. The Wraiths went after Iron Man, who just mooned them. 5 Flayed Ones ran up to the Broadside team to charge 'em. Ah K'chau'k.

Shooting saw the 10 Warriors kill all but 2 of the Fire Warriors, who stood their ground, the brave souls... ha..
The destroyers shot at my Broadsides again but I wouldn't have it. Nothing died.

Flayed ones charged my Broadsides. I struck first and killed 2. 3 struck back, but inflicted no wounds. The flayed ones fell back and were later grabbed by Wyches, who disposed of the 5 they were fighting and consolidated into them.

...oh and there was a minor case where the wraiths inflicted 1 wound on Iron Man, who promptly ran off the table. Rar.

turn 4:
field analysis:
10-15 Warriors
2 Wraiths
3 Destroyers

9 Wyches
1 Raider
2 Talos

2 Rambo Fire Warriors
1 Suit
3 Broadsides
1 Devilfish

It was getting late, we were 2 kills away from a phase out and by god we were gonna do it.
Railsniper took aim at the Monolith and again didn't do diddly.
Broadside team shot down 2 Warriors, Crisis Suit shot down more Warriors. Devilfish shot down 2 Warriors. Assault saw the Talos's kill about 3-4 more Warriors and the Rambo Warriors charged the 'lith again. This time with no success.

Though the Fire Warriors didn't win their battle against giant black pyramids of doom, we did win the war. The Necrons phased out and victory was ours.
Manta angry! Manta smash! Manta bash!
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