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Commander name Translations
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Default Commander name Translations

I thought of a cool Gothic name for my Tau Commander "Commander Surestrike"
His complete tau name would be Shas'o Fi'rios ?? 'ka

I cannot figure out for the life of me, what Sure would be, anyone have an idea?
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Default Re: Commander name Translations

The name is a little generic, sort of cliche, just my oppinion. Kind of sounds like the name of a fishing lure. It is not required that I like the name of your comander, so do what you want. Here are some simmilar meanings anyhow. Hope this helps.

refer to http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=44888.0
Eoro: Meaning; ‘To Lead’ or ‘To Guide’
Kais: Meaning; “Skilful” or “expert” or “Competent”
Kar: meaning; “Correct”
Kar'tyr: Composite Word; Meaning; “Correct Punishment?” or “Justice”
Kunas: Meaning; “Agile” or “Dexterous”
Lynu: Meaning; “Steadfast” or “Persistent”
Sa: Meaning; “Well”
Savon: Meaning; “Keen-eyed” or “Good Eyesight”
Soo: Meaning; “Artfull”
Va: Meaning; “Greater” or “Better” or “Improved Upon”
Vah'cha: Meaning; “Goal” or “Aim”
Vior: Meaning; “Aggressive”
Yen: Meaning; "To Imagine" or "Forsee"
Yr: Meaning; “Experienced”

Mesa: Meaning; “To mark” or “To Identify”
Mont'ka: Composite Word; Meaning; “War Strike” or “Killing Blow”
Nem: Meaning; “Piercing”
Shtlk: Composite Word; Meaning; “Defile” or “Desecrate”

Sale or trade DE wyches, Wood Elf Waywatchers, and more: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,92810.0.html
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Default Re: Commander name Translations

I prefer to go for something that sounds cool in Tau and then worry about the english.

Like my Shas'el Ukos'va

Commander Great-Spoon
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Default Re: Commander name Translations

Remember that the Tau name does not have to literally translate into Gothic. Shas'O Nan'cova is generally referred to as "Commander Swordbreaker" by the Imperials, but "Nan" can refer to any sort of bladed weapon, and "Co'va" has several meanings, such as break, undo, corrupt, rot, decay, decompose.

So, "Swordbreaker" is just one interpretation. It could just as easily mean "Blade-rot".
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Default Re: Commander name Translations

"Blade rot" like VD right? :P

I use Tak'Ukos, Explosive Spoon. ;D
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Default Re: Commander name Translations

I've created the name D'yi'ka for my Iron Man commander.

It's something like "asskicker" which suits him.
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