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Where to Stuff an Aun...
View Poll Results: Where is the best place to "hide" an Ethereal?
In a unit of Firewarriors 1 4.17%
In a unit of Pathfinders 1 4.17%
In a unit of Broadsides 3 12.50%
In a unit of Kroot 2 8.33%
By himself in a corner/out of sight 12 50.00%
Somewhere else (please elaborate) 5 20.83%
Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 15 Apr 2005, 18:28   #1 (permalink)
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Default Where to Stuff an Aun...

After reading Tonka's awsome Mitigating Morale Mishaps, I've come to the conclusion that an Ethereal will serve my army very well...but where to stuff him? :

If you could vote and talk about your choice about where to stuff an Aun, it would be most helpful! 8)

I've chosen in a unit of Pathfinders because:
a) There's already room in the Devilfish
b) PF hide anyways
c) They can run without interfearing with my plans/tactics
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I would not put them with Pathfinders - Due to model count as over-saturation of fire would destroy him and the squad (remember that when they deal more than enough wounds on the number of model you have, they can nominate a single model to take an immediate armor save.

I prefer "other" because Ethereals have great ability, but are rather safe when near a unit as they cannot be shot down as an Independent Character. He can quickly join a unit to grant a leaderhip bonus and then leave again next turn in situations like that. You have a great degree of control with his abilities while lending Ld10 to units that may need it (such as Broadsides) for a turn. In other words, I prefer to put him in the middle of things, by himself. If I'm facing an army in which I have no possibility of appearing behind me for any reason (such as some Orks) then my Ethereal will hang out in the rear of the force, by himself, but still not the absolute rear. I like having him near anything that generally stays static (such as an anchor of fire warriors).

Otherwise, throwing him into a Devilfish with 11 Firewarriors is another good way to protect him.

What I would like to stress though, is the over-need to protect an Ethereal. If you spend too much time protecting him, your opponent see's that he is worth a lot to you and can actually make your play detrimental. Think of him as 50 points of moral buff. If you lose him, so what, you're still in the game. You will rarely lose him anyways, at least not until later in the game so don't be to worried with protecting him. If you keep him where he should be, supporting a squad or solo, he should rarely be an issue anyways.
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I say Kroot as he wil boost your power in CC. HE will add his 4 attacks along with the Kroot to create a powerful CC unit. However I don't think that Kroot benifit any from his inspiration special rules so they may not be able to get the +1 iniative and attack. But putting in or close to the Kroot will allow them to gain an advantege in CC as the Ethereal will give thme a CC bonus.

ow wait........ I am thinking of Aun'shi :

But I still say Ethereal in Kroot squad may be best bet

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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I think the BS squad is the best, a unit of 2-3 brodsides each w/2 gun drones would be more protection than he'd ever need, i wouldn't put him in the kroot squad as it may look goo but with no armor saves they will drop quickly and the last place yuo want the aun is locked in CC which is were the kroot should be
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Old 15 Apr 2005, 20:10   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I say by himself in a corner out of sight. He grants some pretty good benefits on joining other units but his death would be too horrible. Incidently, if you should be fielding two ethereals for some odd reason would that be two leadership re-rolls? Plus two ethereal death LD rolls should they both die?
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Old 15 Apr 2005, 21:44   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I would have to say behind all of your heavy units
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Old 15 Apr 2005, 21:48   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I'm with Mal. Stick him near a unit and use the IC rules to your full advantage - squeezed in between a couple of broadsides is a good place... Join him with the broadsides if it looks like they will need it, leave him free if they don't. Amidst a group of kroot, hiding in some woods, isn't a bad place though I'd still leave him out of the kroot unit to avoid having him getting sucked into CC.
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

I'll use a list to illustrate


5 Stealths

6 FW

20 Kroot

7 PF



the next evolution of my concept list.

the FW squad is minimised following my reading on MTT about the fact that FW dont pull their weight ^-^, which rings true and they provide the perfect unit to hide the Etheral, I dont want either of them coming out of their nice safe hull, I'd thought about removing the offencive upgrades and getting a HH SMS but them the fish isnt doing anything and the Etheral becomes more expensive than an 'El.

thats where I'd stick an Etheral
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

6 fire warriors!?!?!? ah whatever, diz.

I'd say hide the aun in a corner, safe and out of sight.

er could someone summarize the article on morale for me..my internet's all screwy again and it won't connect to the mecha bible
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Default Re: Where to Stuff an Aun...

ya id say ina corner, like in the back ege behind a big rock or somtin. ive found if u give him full cover in the back he prety hard to get
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