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bonding knives...
Old 12 Mar 2008, 02:54   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 81
Default bonding knives...

are they worth it? i have paid for one in everygame ive ever played and i do not think that i have ever used it. 10 for the upgrade (on firewarriors) and then 5 for the knife. I find that for the most part my fire warriors get routed before they even have a chance to regroup.
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 02:59   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: bonding knives...

I nearly always equip them despite the fact that I hardly ever need to use them. ^^;;

But I have a feeling that, the first time I don't equip one I'll lose 50 points of Fire Warriors. They're especially worth it for Crisis Suits, which can maintain effectiveness by themselves.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 81
Default Re: bonding knives...

i usually take my XV8s in groups of 2 to avoid any issues on the whole 50% thing.
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Default Re: bonding knives...

I have used bonding knives. I've had units of fire-warriros wiped out by shooting(from 12 down to 3), rally and continue to use markerlights to enhance the rest of the army. Many opponents will ignore a 3 strong firewarrior team. IF they focus fire on them, then my other units get a respite from fire.

With Crisis, I field lots of Monats and 2 strong teams, so Fireknives arn't very important. But if you field a SINGLE drone and two other models, make sure you have a bondign knife. Who wants a 60-70pt model running away when they could rally? With bonding knives, you can keep those drone equipped teams operating for longer.

In short, I think bonding knvies are great. IT gives you a precious edge to your crappy leadership, and allows deplete units to still do something. 4-5 firewarriors out of a 12 strong unit ain't much, but keeping them on the field, as compared to them runnign away, is a great advantage.

Use it.

I don't put bonding knives on firewarrirors I intend to FoF with, on account that for half the game they'll be in the 'fish, and immune to morale. But if you have 5 points floating and havem odels who can take bonding knives, take it. Always.
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 05:26   #5 (permalink)
The Orange's Avatar
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Default Re: bonding knives...

Hard to say weather their worth it or not. Their like an insurance plan, it's useful when things go to crap :-[. Of course their are situations when you'll sure to bet they'll never be needed. Like if you leave your FW at the table edge so that when they get routed, they'll run off the board, or as said before, their in a transport half the time anyways. Another thing to consider is weather the unit your saving is worth it or not. If you've got a measly 6 man FW team, the only time it will be needed is when their's only 2 FWs left. Unless one of them's got a marklight their's not really much point in worrying about 2 FWs.
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 06:14   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: bonding knives...

so, firewarriors in devilfishes don't really need bonding knives? i'm working on a mech tau list, and i gave them knives, but i wasn't sure.
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 06:22   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: bonding knives...

eh dont underestimate the 5pt investment.

Sometimes, regrouping at a key point can still save a few vp
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 06:25   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Default Re: bonding knives...

the knives themselves are so cheap, you hardly notice that you payed for them anyhow. i would not add the costs of upgrading a fire warrior to a shas'ui - those points are payed for gettind LD8. and who wants his firewarriors constantly shooting at something they really don´t need to shoot at?
so i would definitely say they are worth it, as long as the team is big enough (on 6 fire warriors it doesn´t make a lot of sense, and neither does it on a single monat suit etc.) but your lonely commander who sometimes happens to have two shield drones really shouldn´t run away because the drones that were there to protect him are gone...
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Default Re: bonding knives...

I always use them. They can really save your ass in tight situations. Besides, with the Tau's bad leadership, they are going to fall back eventually (unless they're in a DF).
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Old 12 Mar 2008, 08:48   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: bonding knives...

They're sorta like decoy launchers, pay a few points as a failsafe against the loss of a unit.
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