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My first battle report: 1000 point Mech tau vs. Orks
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Kroot Shaper
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Default My first battle report: 1000 point Mech tau vs. Orks

My list:
Shas弾l w/ TL Plasma Rifles, TA 90 points

Shas置i Team leader XV8, Fire knife, TA, HWMT 77 points
Shas置i XV8, PR, FB, MT, 62 points
x2 Shas置i XV8 Death Rain, TA, Team leader with HWTL 116 points

12x Fire warriors, bonded, Shas置i w/ Devilfish, Decoy Launcher, TA, Multi tracker 235 points
12x Fire warriors, Shas置i w/ Devilfish, Decoy Launcher, TA, SMS, Multi Tracker, TL 250 Points

Heavy Support
Railhead, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launcher, Target Lock, Multi Tracker 170 points

His (and please excuse and mislabeled units):
HQ: Mek ork with force field
Burna Boyz, one with rokkit, one nob
all in a battle wagon with shock gun, 2 rokkits, 2 big shootas

Nob squad? with pistol an ccw, one powerclaw, one rokkit in a truck w/ bigshoota, wreckin ball, heavy armor, gretchin mechanic

ard boyz in a truck, bigshoota, wreckin ball, heavy armor, gretchin mechanic

gretchin with master

The mission was take and hold. We put out terrain via warhammer fantasy rules, with the 3 story ruins in the center being the objective. I chose sides, opting for the one which would give me access to the forest and a jsj hill. His side gave him a bunker in his deployment and quicker access to the upper levels of the ruins. The map and deployment are depicted in MS paint images(sorry no turn images )The anti armor crisis was chosen to deep strike.

First turn goes to me. I move my devilfish 12 inches towards the ruins and detach drones. Drones are in position to assault move into ruins. Devil w/ sms moves 12" towards gretchin's flank. Shas'el and Fire knife follow my devils.

Deathrains walk deeper into the forest, and railhead jockeys for a shot at the dread, staying concealed from the battlewagon.

Rail kills dread. Drones pin gretchin. Deathrain destroy both weapons on the nob truck. Deathrains assault move behind the forest, shas and fireknife catch up to devilfish.

orks. everything forward 12, ard boys are very close to ruins, but stay buttoned up. shooting kills nothing, but shakes the weapons on my devil.

turn 2. deepstriking crisis comes in behind battlewagon! and scatters 11 inches directly off his board edge...This didn't phase me though, as I felt I had good control over most the board. What happened next only made me more confident. Both fish and xv8s move towards the enemy, the SMS fish on the gretchins flank, the other right between the ruins and the gretchin. Drones move to second story of the ruins. Deathrains jump 6 inches left for shots at the nob truk, and i get enough nerve to move my railhead into firing position on the wagon, moving right of the forest. My fish are in prime position to do a double FOF with fire support from my xv8s. (yay!).

12 firewarriors rapid into gretchin, killing nearly all. SMS pops the ard boyz truck, sending it 12 inches BACKWARDS!!. Burst cannon re-sizes the gretchins to just a master and 3 or 4 gretchs. Second FW squad full ranges into the ard boyz, as does the fireknife's MP. 3 fall. Railhead blows up the shock cannon on the wagon, deathrains shake the nob truck (which is hugging the wagon to get obscurity from the meks field).

Ork's turn. wagon and trukk zoom towards my deathrains. Nobz unload, and waagh to get into assault range on the deathrains (is this legal?). Ardboyz trek towards the ruins, and the wagon shakes my railhead. Nobz eat my deathrains, consolidate towards their trukk.

Turn 3: Railhead guns it towards the center, shas'el and fireknife split up and maneuver around opposite sides of the ruins towards the wagon and trukk. Drones jump to 3rd story. Ard boys die in shooting.

At this point I had a good feeling the game was mine (which it was), and he spent the rest of his game chasing my railhead with his nobz (the claw failed to crack it open twice) with me keeping his Wagon immobilized with rail shots. I formed a skimmer perimeter around the ruins, but my drones were a bit too close to the wagon allowing the burnas to assault them and move within 12 inches of the objective.

Of course, I still had many ,many more points in the middle as his wagon was still out of range. End results, I lost two deathrains, an anti armor crisis to bad deepstrike rolls, and two drones. He lost two trukks (which were pimped out), ard boyz, nobz, and gretchin.
All my units cept the railhead were within 12" of the ruins!

Okay, so I think I did well, but I also think my friend picked the wrong list to go up against me. At first I thought a mech ork list would help him in take and hold, but things just didn't work out for him. IMO, he shoulda dropped the burnas, got a cheaper HQ, dropped the gretchins, and have taken tankhuntas and a mob of regular boys.
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File Type: jpg mapork1.jpg (24.6 KB, 23 views)
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File Type: jpg mapork1.jpg (24.6 KB, 23 views)
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File Type: jpg mapork1.jpg (24.6 KB, 23 views)
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