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My Army Fluff..... Workable?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default My Army Fluff..... Workable?

The Preservers of Darkness

The Taal'da are a sept of Tau sent to prep and populate a planet, sudden warp storms killed off half the sept and trapped the rest of it on the planet for years.

Eventually the warp storms died down to reveal the planet again. Against amazing odds the sept on the planet survived and even prospered, despite how savage it was, trapped in eternal darkness.

Though seemingly civilized and incredibly skilled, the Tau of Taal'da hid a dark secret the only hint of such being their glowing green eyes.

They had made a pact with savage blood drinking beasts on the planet, lacking in technology these beasts gave a single Tau child their powers in exchange for the Taal'da to help them hunt.

This child grew at an incredible rate, becoming cunning and ruthless, leading his people to conquer the dark planet. Seeing this as betrayal the vampiric beasts cursed the Tau.

Soon they found themselves craving blood. Yet their young leader would not give up, giving into the thirst became punishable by death and their eyes began to glow an eerie green in what they agreed was their resolve.

As they were brought back into Tau society it was soon realised the Taal'da were amazing warriors, their leader earned title after title becoming a renowed commander, but his views did not align with those of the Ethereals and their blood thirst became known, the Ethereals looked at them in digust, soon the Taal'da found themselves being sent on suicide missions, yet even against all odds they would win these battles.

After one such mission it was discovered that the Taal'da had dissapeared, taking much of the Tau technology with them.

It was quickly covered up as not to cause a near uprising like the leave of Commander Farsight.

And so, Commander Da'Myr and the Taal'da sept roam the galaxy looking for their purpose and perhaps a way to stop their eternal thirsting for blood.

Yes, I know Blood Angels have a blood thirst, doesn't mean nothing else in all of 40k can.

Besides that, what do you think? I'd appreciate some help streamlining things to make more sense and such.

(now that I read it again it seems kinda Primarch-like, but I still like it...)
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Default Re: My Army Fluff..... Workable?

It's good but you are bordering on the red thirst.
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Default Re: My Army Fluff..... Workable?

I think it's pretty cool. However, try and work more "realism" into... Perhaps say that the vampiric beasts are in fact gifted with genetic technology, and that this powerful "leader" was genetically enhanced in exchange for his service. Then, when the beasts felt betrayed, they introduced new genetic material into the gene pool, causing the blood thirst? Remember that the Tau have little presence in the Warp, so if you're planning on doing anything along those lines make sure it doesn't violate that null psychic presence. Overall I think it sounds pretty cool, a nice idea.
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