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Who's the commander of your army?
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Default Who's the commander of your army?

I saw this spring up in other threads, themed towards their respective army and I was wonder, who leads ya'll's army?

For me, it's
Shas'el Tak'Ukos 8)
Standard Fireknife suit, with a shield generator being the most common upgrade. Sometimes he gets a Positional Relay but only when he's really hungry and wants some pho or gyros airdropped.
Since I can't really choose which colors I like, he doesn't really have a sept to fight for. I guess the story would be is, he's Bork'an smart but Sa'cea honorable and Vior'la violent. Bork'Sa'Vior'an'cea'la. Yeah too complicated.
Tak'Ukos is Tau for "Explosive Spoon." His callsign if you will.

So yeah, there's mine, now tell me about yours! ^^

Edit- heh, just realized I'm now "shas'el" here too. ^w^ wewt.
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

i have shas'O Kais 8) from dow, i haven't played the game but i saw his conversion when i was snooping around the French GW site and want the US team to do it so i don't have to read it through bablefish, stupid french >. i haven't gotten around to arming him yet because my 500 pt list is being picked apart in the army list section :'(
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

I use Shas'O R'myr

becuse I just love him ;D
for the greater good
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

I have two Commanders!

Shas’o Lav’esk Eio Eoro, he has a cyclic Ion blaster, plasma rifle, and a shield generator.

Then there's Shas’O Lav’esk M'yen with a airburst fragmentation projector, pr, and a Shield generator.
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

I love it when people ask this question.
Shas'O'range ^-^
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

I gave him a name and everything, but I don't know if I remember how it's spelled and can't remember the exact meaning I had for it.

Shas'el T'au Sho'ka'ta Ar'yen. Customized XV89 battlesuit with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, targeting array.

Warhams is serious business.
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

T'cea is the Shas'el in charge on my force. He's a Se'cea firewarrior of a distunighuished family, many of which have commited themselves to the greater good. This sense of pride flows through him, often driving him to venture into the mouth of the enemy, because he knows by his actions he may save many other shas from ignoble dath.

Kay'mont is the patient one, taking aim at the enemy and firing at vulnerable points. Kay'mont avoids the enemy return fire, and constantly strikes out against enemies.

The other two suits are Shas'ui, and have a while to prove themselves.

names, as best I figure:
Prince Son
Patient killer/terror
Ascendent sun: T'cea's "cousin".
The fiery one
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

Shas'el Vior'la Mont'va.

During a routine pre-deployment inspection on Es'tau, Mont'va served as a Shas'vre bodyguard for the famed Commander Brightsword - but when an entire Gue'la fleet attacked from seemingly nowhere, human assassins were able to deliver a mortal wound to the venerable Shas'O.

Vre'Mont'va, as the next highest ranking Tau in the cadre, took command of Brightsword's crippled forces and managed to fend off the wretched Gue'la with the assistance of a Specialist Cadre in-system by chance.

Mont'va was summoned back to T'au following the battle, promoted to Shas'el outside the Aun'T'au'Retha for his courageous actions during the ad-hoc Trial by Fire, and given permanent command of the remnants of Brightsword's Contingent, renamed the Ghosts of Es'tau.

Shas'el Vior'la Mont'va Kais'ka, protégé of the late Shas'O Tash'var Ol'nan B'kak and Cadre Commander of the Ghosts of Es'tau, carries with him the last tangible remnants of Brightsword's existance; a pendant of an age long past, the ceremonial Bonding Knife 'Ol'nan', and the many scars denoting every new Tau inducted into the Cadre's sacred Ta'lissera since the devastating attack.

He secretly mourns the loss of his mentor, and will not rest until the Imperium crumbles and the Gue'la menace is purged from the galaxy.

"Your people will weep and your worlds will bleed! You will not live to see the misery you have brought upon your people!"

-Mont'va, following Brightsword's Assassination


Loadout varies depending on what he's up against, but he pilots a modified XV8 with R'myr-similar customizations in design.
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

Shas'o Vior'la Korill

Born and raised on the Farsight Enclaves, with the name "Vior'la" being entirely symbolic, the young Shas'la was quickly noted as being extremely talented on the field, taking a promotion to Shas'ui while not partaking in a trial by fire; due to the enclaves desperately needing new warriors. He performed the ta'lissera with a squad of young Shas'la.
After a year of service, Shas'ui Korill's squad was destroyed in combat against an ork band. This left the Shas'ui extremely embittered, his status slipping into what was classified "Mentally Unstable". As a monat, now in a Crisis suit, He fought aggressively and tactically, not caring about destroying enemies with short ranged but powerful guns.
He rose to the rank of Shas'vre, becoming a bodyguard to another commander. The Shas'o he was serving was ripped to shreds by an aspiring Ork Nob, who quickly tasted plasma and fusion from Shas'vre Korill.
Shortly after this event, he rose again to Shas'el. After several quick and decisive victories he rose again to Shas'o.
After many 2 years on the front as a Shas'o, the Monat caught the attention of the legendary O'Shovah. O'Shovah and O'Korill fought together over a short campaign, the latter finally meeting the warrior he'd aspired to all his life.
O'Korill is heavily into Special Issue testing, his battlesuit's armour crafted from a powerful Iridium Alloy, with Stimulant painkillers constantly ejecting into his bloodstream, and unique Vectored Thrusters carrying him towards and away from an enemy.
Throughout all of this, O'Korill's closest friend, by the name of Vre'Myar, stood by him, constantly pulling him back from overreaching himself. Vre'myar has been granted the honour of commanding the cadre in small encounters, with bodyguards Ui'Rash'Ya and Ui'Lyr'Sa; at an honourary rank of Shas'el and Shas'vre respectively.

On a rare encounter, O'Korill, O'Shovah, Vre'Myar, Ui'Rash'Ya and Ui'Lyrsa will raise Plasma Rifle and Shield Generator in unison against the hordes. Advanced scouts have sighted a stompa herd being built, and the 5 have been tasked with defending the enclaves against them.

(Kudos to anyone who knows where the last three names are from)
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Default Re: Who's the commander of your army?

My Commander is either Shas'el Fal'shia Rey'ka or Shas'el Fal'shia Glo'wi.
The former has twin missile pods, an airbursting fragmentation projector and shield generator, the latter has a Cyclic Ion blaster, Plasma Rifle and targeting array. Both have hard-wired multi-trackers. (and yes, I do like to keep my HQ units cheap.)
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