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Krootox Kock Up
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Default Krootox Kock Up

In battle the Kroot lash large, unwieldy Kroot guns to the powerful shoulders of the Krootox. Using the beast as a mobile weapon platform. You can take between 1 and 3 Krootox for a single Heavy Support choice. They will have to be attached to a Kroot Carnivore squad. A blister contains a single random Krootox.

I pasted the above quote from the GW on-line store. I am confused it says that the Krootox although included in a Kroot squad actually counts as a heavy support choice.

To add further confusion the sample army list in the back of the Tau codex (page 62-63) has 3 Heavy support slots filled by a SkyRay Missile Gunship, a Sniper Drone Team and a Broadside team. However the Kroot squad in the same 1500pt army can be seen with a Krootox which according to the above quote fills a Heavy Support slot. So as you guessed it the sample army in the Codex has 4 Heavy Support Slots which as we know is not right.

I also checked the Codex in the Kroot troop choice section and no where I can see does it say that the Krootox counts as a Heavy Support if added to a Kroot squad.

So is the On-line store correct or the Codex.

I am guessing to Codex but am I wrong ?
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Default Re: Krootox Kock Up

In the old Tau codex, taking a Krootox counted as a heavy support choice, but in the new codex they don't. They are simply an additional unit you can purchase for your Kroot Carnivore squads and still count as a troop choice. (I'm guessing you have the new codex?)

That was a long way to say that the codex is right...a Kroot carnivore squad, even with a Krootox (or two or three!) is a troop choice! Makes kroot hounds/krootox a lot better in my opinion!
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Default Re: Krootox Kock Up

Games Workshop does a lot of copy/pastes and doesn't update somethings from older versions.
It was their mistake, and always follow the codex over the online store.
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