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Death, Glory, and the Greater Good
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Default Death, Glory, and the Greater Good

I had 3 units tank-shocked in an Apocalypse game recently (note to self: always buy Ambush to counter Flank March!), and I wondered about a couple of Death or Glory options available to Tau foot-sloggers.

First, the relatively easy one: since the EMP grenades are listed under Infantry Wargear, can I give 1 to my shas'ui without having to buy them for the whole squad? It seems to me that this would be legal. Then when tank-shocked, the shas'ui would have to be the lucky one to attempt Death or Glory. By my reading of the rules I just wouldn't be able to give EMP grenades to more of the squad without equipping all of them. Or could you? The rules aren't terribly clear on that one.

Second, could you Death or Glory with a Seeker missile? Since a regular markerlight can not be used by the squad that fires it, I think it's pretty clear that D or G with a pathfinder would be foolish, but how about a marker drone, which has a network markerlight? It'd be weird, but it seems to me that the markerlight would hit automatically through normal D or G rules, then you'd roll for the seeker missile working properly (only misses on a 1), and take an automatic strength 8 hit on the front armor of the tank.

Oh, and third, another markerlight question: Assume you markerlight a unit with your pathfinders. If the subsequently-firing unit that calls for the seeker missile is not a vehicle with a target lock, are they required to fire their regular weapons at the lit unit? If a squad of fire warriors is the only other unit that can see the target, can they call for the missiles on a squad of space marines, but shoot their pulse rifles at a squad of guardsmen? I'm thinking that would require a shas'ui with target lock, and he would have to fire his weapon at the marines if he makes his leadership roll.
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Default Re: Death, Glory, and the Greater Good

In answer to your first question - yes, a Shas'ui can buy EMP grenades independently.

Honestly, I can't answer your 2nd question.

As for your third, I think the Seeker Missile option of Markerlights works a little different from the other options. Its not an option that's used by a subsequent squad (unlike the other bonuses of the ML); its just an optional effect of the Markerlight. After the ML hits, you can expend a single ML counter to fire a Seeker Missile. Seeker Missiles aren't called in by subsequent squads, so Target Locks aren't something you have to worry about. Also, Seeker Missiles fire independently of the vehicle on which they're mounted. So again, there's no concern of Target Locks or having to fire at a same squadron.

That being said, an interesting question comes to mind that I want to bring to subsequent posters - since Seeker Missiles fire independently of the vehicle on which they're mounted, does this mean that they can be fired no matter how far the vehicle moved? Say in the case of a Piranha - if a Piranha moves 24", can a Seeker Missile still be launched from it?
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Default Re: Death, Glory, and the Greater Good

The Piranha can fire a seeker after moving 24". Flyers can after moving 36+"

I would say that a seeker can't be used in death and glory, as it is technically two attacks, which you can't do.
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Default Re: Death, Glory, and the Greater Good

More importantly, death or glory says the selected model may make one attack that hits automatically. So you could hit with your marker-light, and then...nothing. No Seekers for DoG.

Also, equipping your Shas'ui with EMP grenades for DoG sounds good, but is a horrible move. Your Shas'ui should have a Bonding knife. Why? Because it let's you keep him and his unit in the game longer! A unit of 3 firewarriors may not do much, but if the Shas'ui has a Markerlight, it can still be useful.

An EMP grenade glances on 4-5, and pens on 6. That's a, roughly, .21 chance of successful DoG. 1 out of 5. Not bad, but not great. And considering you're giving up an 18 to 22 point model for it, I think it's a waste. You're giving up leadership and possibly valuble wargear(my Shas'uis cost 40pts, but have a markerlight, bonding knife and target lock).

as for your third question: If the Shas'ui with a markerlight has a TL, he can fire at a seperate target. If not, then the Firewarriors and him have to shoot at the same thing. I always throw a Target lock on my Shas'uis if I plan to give'em Markerlights.
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