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Default hammerheads

hey i'm getting two hammerheads and i want to know what to put as there main weapon since my brother now plays his wraithwall and deathgaurd??
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Default Re: hammerheads

I'd advise magnetising the weapons, and swapping them depending on the situation.

Here's some guides on magnetising weapons.

Or, if you don't want to magnetise for whatever reason, I'd advise using the railgun, as you can switch between solid shot (Vehicles, Elites, Characters.) and submunition (Infantry).

Hope this helped
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Default Re: hammerheads

I would eaither magnatize both of them or have one with an ion cannon (good by wraiths) and the other a Hammerhead (wTH is deathguard? well if they are The CSM Plauge marines (good buy that Choas land raider))
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Default Re: hammerheads

Deathguard are the nurgle version of khorne beserkers, thousands sons and emperor's children.

I'd suggest you magnetize them, or at least blue-tac 'em. However, if you really want to glue them i'd say one of each, but the Ion Cannon seems the better choice, though only if you have enough anti-tank weaponry, so what else have you got model wise?
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