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Inquisitor Models
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Default Inquisitor Models

Well, all truths be told, I'm fairly new to 40K, and even newer to GW in general. As I've been getting into Mordheim here recently, I've been browsing GW's other miniature ranges just to see what's out there (for conversion and "counts-as" purposes).

Anyway, browsing the 'Specialist Games' section of their online store, I came across Inquisitor, which has very few (but very cool looking) models, all of which are somewhat expensive. What's really interesting is this Kroot Mercenary within that range:

From what I can tell, he has a few cybernetic upgrades, including his left hand and right arm. I thought about getting my hands on this model (despite its hefty price tag - $25) and use it either as a Shaper or a standin for Angkhor Prok. But I'm not sure if the miniature is the same size as 40K miniatures.

Anyway, just thought I'd bring this up and get some commentary.
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Default Re: Inquisitor Models

It's 58mm scale, so a fair amount larger than a 40k model.
Warhammer is ~28mm Heroic scale.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Inquisitor Models

yep, he would certainly stand out... ;D
One of my friends converted an inquisitor model into a greater daemon for fantasy, without changing the height of the model a lot (he added wings)... should give you an idea of the scale
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Default Re: Inquisitor Models

Ah, okay. Guess the larger size would explain the higher cost.
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