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How to model a Broadside ASS ?
Old 24 Feb 2008, 12:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default How to model a Broadside ASS ?

Infantile comments on the topic aside , does anyone have a good idea on how to model the ASS on a Broadside ? Read the GW tutorial , but not to keen on it . It looks to bulky for my tastes .

And please only post ideas here , not even remotely interested in the " internal blah blah blah " line of reasoning . I need to have these things represented on the model in most tourneys I attend , and I will have points/VP's deducted for noncompliance .

Many thanks .
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Default Re: How to model a Broadside [i]D'yi[/i] ?

For mine I did what Tael did for some of his suits to bulk up the ankles...I took a drone antenna and cut the aerial off, leaving the base where it glues to the drone disk and the slimmer nib that connects the base to the aerial, and glued that on the back of the ankle.

I think it looks like some kind of hydraulic or piston, personally.

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Default Re: How to model a Broadside ASS ?

I used the bottom bit of flamer, the ignition part, if you cut it from the barrel you can glue it on to look like a mini hydraulic system thing... :P

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Default Re: How to model a Broadside [i]D'yi[/i] ?

I took the "tub" (if you will) of the Burst cannon and put it under the suit, where you would normally put the "flying stand" for normal XV8 suits. It kinda looks like a gyro-housing unit... :P
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Default Re: How to model a Broadside A.S.S. ?

I haven't modeled it for my suits, but I've thought about it. I would try for something like the stabilizers that you find on high-end compound bows. Basically a computer-controlled "mass on a stick", probably spare photon grenades on sprue pieces or antennae. I'd attach them at 45 degree angles coming out the sides of the railgun muzzles. I think it would look silly coming out of the center of mass of the suit even though that's the only way you could explain them helping the smart missiles too. Besides, if they're smart missiles, shouldn't they be smart enough to correct for a little bit of motion of their launchers? They can fly over hills and around corners for cryin out loud!
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Default Re: How to model a Broadside [i]D'yi[/i] ?

I just bought the Forge World models, and used the added stuff, bigger model, and other bits on it as the coolant system.

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Default Re: How to model a Broadside ASS ?

Get some circular pieces of plastic (can be from what ever) and attach them horizontally to abdomen of the suit any where you can (if I was trying to represent an ASS I would do some major converting that would make a nice area under the arms).
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Default Re: How to model a Broadside ASS ?

Gareth modeled a version of Shadowsun with some ASS

Ok, sorry I couldn't resist.

Seriously though, I just use the forgeworld XV-88-2 suits. They look pretty stable, and totally awesome.
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Default Re: How to model a Broadside [i]D'yi[/i] ?

You could try building four-legged Broadside suits. I've seen the conversion done somewhere before....

Don't know if you're a fan of the Armored Core series or not, but if you are, just think of the quads from that game.
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